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Author: danceislove2409
Created: December 26, 2010
Taken: 54 times
Rated: G

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& I'm gonna make it through this year if it kills me.

Created by danceislove2409 and taken 54 times on Bzoink
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It's the end of 2010 guys, let's see how your year went.
Did you leave the country?
Did anybody close to you pass away? [I'm sorry if they did..]
Did you attend school or work?
Did you discover a talent?
Did you develop new hobbies?
Meet anybody special?
Get in a physical/verbal fight that ended bad?
Did you murder anybody? .. I hope not. O.o
Did you lose weight?
Did you travel at all?
Did you make any life changing decisions?
Did you laugh until you pee'd your pants?
Did you lose friends?
Who was there for you most of the year?
Who did you argue with?
Who did you meet that changed your life?
Who did you hate?
Who did you admire?
Who made you laugh?
Who made you cry?
Who will you always remember?
Who do you want to forget?
Who do you want to get to know better?
Who made you who you are today?
Who criticized you?
Who made your day better?
Who did you love the most?
What was the dumbest thing you did?
What was the toughest decision you made?
Where did you go all year?
Who did you spend the most time with?
What did you learn from your experiences?
What was your favorite memory?
What was the worst memory?
What would you do on repeat if you could?
What made you laugh the hardest?
What made you the saddest?
What was your favorite song all year?
What happened that made an impact on your life?
What would you change about the year?
What did you like the most about the year?
What are you most excited for?
What will you be doing with your life?
Where will you go?
If you could meet anybody, who would you meet?
Are you going to do something reckless?
Do you plan on having fun?
Can it top 2010?
Are you excited at all?
Do you like New Years?
What would make the year amazing?
What do you want to do with the year?
Who will be your best friends?
What new invention do you think will come out?
It's the future baby, anythings possible. <3
It's a new year, make the most of it.