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Author: lindzlovesaj
Created: January 27, 2011
Taken: 250 times
Rated: PG

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all about your boy <3

Created by lindzlovesaj and taken 250 times on Bzoink
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basics about him :)
what's his first name?
what do you call him?
when is his birthday?
how tall is he?
does that make him taller or shorter than you?
what color are his eyes?
does he have any tattoos?
does he have any piercings?
his favorites :)
favorite food?
favorite restaurant?
favorite sport?
favorite store?
favorite athlete?
basics about your relationship?
when did you meet him?
how did you meet him?
when did your relationship become official?
who asked who?
where was the first date?
how long have you been together now?
more intimate stuff about the relationship ;)
when was the first time you told each other 'i love you'?
when was the first time you held hands?
when was the first time you hugged?
tell me about the first kiss :)
when was the first time you spent the night together?
when was the first time you slept together? (not sexually)
when was the first time you had sex?
has he ever....
kissed your forehead?
kissed your cheek?
kissed your nose?
kissed your hand?
kissed your stomach?
kissed you on the lips?
kissed you somewhere else?
cried in front of you?
gotten sick in front of you?
lied to you?
cheated on you?
yelled at you?
hit you?
held you when you really needed comfort?
cooked dinner for you?
just kept on kissing you in front of your parents?
put his hands under your clothes?
have the two of you ever...
broken the law together?
gotten detention together?
gotten lost together?
snuggled together?
spent all day watching movies together?
gotten drunk together?
looked at each other and just smiled because you were happy to be together?
been caught doing the dirty together?
wanted to run away together?
talked about getting married?
had a kid together?
a few more things about him :)
what's one thing about him you would never change?
what's one thing about him you want to change?
do you think he's the one for you?
when was the last time the two of you...
made out?
went on a date?
hung out with friends?
had sex?
watched a movie together? what movie?
said 'i love you' to each other?
that's all the questions i could think of this time.
thank you for taking my survey :)