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Author: navmav117
Created: February 9, 2011
Taken: 287 times
Rated: G

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A random survey that has nothing to do with anything

Created by navmav117 and taken 287 times on Bzoink
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I'm bored at work so I made a survey for ya all :)
What is your favorite thing to cook or bake?
When someone is tailgating you, do you drive faster or slower?
What place outside of your own home do you spend the most time at?
Do you have any checks that you need to cash or deposit?
Do you like scented candles?
Do you know how to use AutoCAD software?
Do you read peoples' answers to the surveys you've created?
What is your least favorite household chore?
What career field are you in / would you like to be in?
Describe the curtains/shades you have in your bedroom.
Have you ever been snorkeling?
Why did you last see a doctor?
How often do you check your email?
What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Do most of your relatives live in the same state/province as you?
Have you ever participated in a medical study?
Do you have any magnets on your refrigerator?
How long have you worked at your current job?
What is the last thing you got in the mail?
Is there a food you hate that everyone else seems to like?
Have you ever donated to a charity?
What is your favorite kind of soup?
How long would it take to drive from your current home to the...
last place you lived?
What do you usually order from Subway?
Are you the oldest of your siblings?
Are you the oldest of your cousins?
What is the most expensive thing you own?
Have you ever had to evacuate from a natural disaster?
Do you have any family members who are cancer survivors?
Describe your favorite pair of sunglasses.
Are most of your friends shorter or taller than you?
Are you allergic to any medications?
Do you have any licenses other than your drivers license?
What's your favorite Nintendo 64 game?
What all do you have on your keyring?
Would you rather ski or snowboard?
What job does you significant other have?
Which class would you rather take: computer programming or astronomy?
When was the last time you were out of the country?
Have you ever traveled via train?
When you were in elementary school, what was a typical afternoon like...
once you got home from school?
Is your favorite movie part of a series?
How often do you go to your favorite restaurant?