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Author: itswhatever
Created: February 16, 2011
Taken: 133 times
Rated: PG

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Are you like my friends?

Created by itswhatever and taken 133 times on Bzoink
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Yes i got the idea from someone else. So what?
You wear glasses
You are more of a follower, not a leader
Your hair is usually in a ponytail
You are an instigator
You love to see a good fight
You listen to Tupac on a regular basis
You can be a bitch
You are always trying to go somewhere
You supposedly have a boyfriend
You dress like it's summer when it's really the winter
You are always laughing
You love to tell jokes
You are always late for something
You have braces
You have long hair
You have a very distinctive voice
You dress very exotic
You look just like your mother
You sound hilarious when you curse
You have long fingernails
You RARELY go to church
You always say yes when asked a favor
You can be a very awkward person
You are the best worst singer ever
People sometimes don't understand a word you say
You wear makeup
You have no boyfriend
You are somewhat overweight
Your A's are straight
The hair you have is usually not yours
You laugh at any joke
You are a very serious person
You think almost anything fun is dangerous
You study before tests
You have advanced classes
You don't get too personal with your life
You like to listen to Lil Wayne
You have a little brother
You strongly believe in aliens
You speak very educated
You go to church every Sunday
You are a complete class clown
You have a great smile
Your skinny
You say "What the fuck" a lot
You tend to stare at people a lot
You never seem to stay single long
You occasionally date outside your race
You are good-looking
You have a sense of humor
You eat a lot
You never share
You make mistakes often
You don't like to fight
You have a small group of friends
You are the loudest person
You are somewhat a negative person
You have strict parents
You have 3 siblings
You NEVER do your homework
You need a haircut
You automatically judge people you don't know
You put on your fake smile often
You have big feet
You love to brush your teeth
Your fingernails are always painted
You are always seen texting
You are hyper as can be
You want 4 kids