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Author: shawieboo
Created: March 6, 2011
Taken: 191 times
Rated: G

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Straight from the heart. <3

Created by shawieboo and taken 191 times on Bzoink
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Here's some questions to start with.
Would you call yourself a b*tch ?
If you could marry anyone, who would it be ?
Do you think about the past too often ?
Who's someone you can go to for anything ?
Is there anyone you wish you were still friends with ?
Are you listening to any music ? What song ?
How many songs are on your iPod, if you have one ?
Do you call your evening meal 'supper' or 'dinner' ?
How many years until you're done with school ?
What's the name of someone you despise ?
Are you closer with your mom or dad ?
Do you know anyone who is adopted ?
What's the name of a song you used to be obsessed with ?
What's the names of the guys you have truly loved ?
If you could take back the last thing you said, would you ?
This is about YOU.
What mood are you in ?
What song brings you to tears ?
Did you like the last movie you watched ?
What is a quote that you love ?
What's your status on Facebook ?
Are you more of a shy or outgoing person ?
What's something that you're obsessed with ?
What are you known for mostly ?
What's the nicest thing you've ever done ?
Do you think that you are loved ?
Time to talk about your love life.
Are you a flirt ?
Single or taken ?
Are you happy with your love life ?
Do you fall for people quickly ?
What is your sexual preference ?
Is it hard for you to get over people ?
How many people have you kissed ?
When's the time you were most happy with your love life ?
What's the name of the person you like ?
How often does that person pop up in your head ?
Now we bring up your friends.
Would you consider yourself popular ?
How often do you go out with friends on the weekends ?
How many people are you close with ?
Who do you turn to when upset ?
Do you remember your first friend ?
Are you still friends with them ?
Who's the person you've been friends with the longest ?
Where do you usually go to hang out with your friends ?
Do you hang out with a group or just one or two friends at a time ?
Is there any friends that your parents forbid you to see ?
The people you live with, your family.
Do you live with both of your parents ?
Are your parents divorced ?
Have you met both biological parents ?
Do you have any siblings ? How many ?
How close are you with your family ?
Do you argue a lot with your parents ?
Are you embarassed by your family ?
If you have siblings, what is your age differences ?
How much do you tell your family about your life ?
In general, what's your family like ?