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Author: vegmeh
Created: March 10, 2011
Taken: 56 times
Rated: PG

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It's Always Something...

Created by vegmeh and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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I'm a hardcore fan of Cage The Elephant
What are you a hardcore fan of?
How long have you known about the band/thing you're a fan of?
What are some lyrics that hit home with you?
Are you responsible?
Do you think you could take care of another person?
Ever had a pregnancy scare? Even if you're boy.
Do you have scars you don't like to talk about?
Have you ever been caught up in something?
Are you a baby? (figuratively ofcoarse)
I am.
Does music inspire you?
Do you have things you own that you just want to get rid of?
Ever want to take things you've said back?
What's the worst thing you've said about someone?
How do you feel when you're alone?
What calms you down when nothing else can?
Do you smoke?
Never start it's a nasty habit.
Don't you hate people who say that?
Does your life sometimes feel like a movie?
Do you partake in gaming?
I just got into grand theft auto.
Who has your heart?
Do you have an ex who still talks to you?
Do they want to be with you again?
Do you connect with people?
Any experience you wish everyone could?
Did your mother sing you a lullaby as a child?