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Author: brookexelaine
Created: March 13, 2011
Taken: 40 times
Rated: G

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It's been a while since everyday and everything has felt this right..<3

Created by brookexelaine and taken 40 times on Bzoink
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Real Questions..:D
Do you like strawberries?
When's the last time you talked to your crush?
What's your best friends name?
Favorite band/artist?
Anything Pierced?
Any Tattoos?
Favorite Color?
Ever taken a plane to travel anywhere?
Any fears?
What's the last movie you watched?
Last song you listened to?
Favorite school subject?
Sleep with or without socks?
What's the reason you last laughed?
What's your ringtone?
What time do you get up for school/work?
Do you like singing?
What do you talk about the most with your friends?
Any siblings?
What's the closest thing to you that's red?
Take the book nearest to you,flip to page 34, what does the 7th line say?
Do you have good hand eye coordination?
Writing with pencils or pens?