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Author: doedear
Created: March 14, 2011
Taken: 93 times
Rated: G

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I wish the tide would take me over. I've been down on my knees, and you just keep on getting closer.

Created by doedear and taken 93 times on Bzoink
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When you get an account for something, what's the first username you try?
What do you think might be someone else's first impression of you?
Is texting having a negative or a positive effect for social relationships?
Would you be okay with a friend wanting to date one of your exes?
Have you ever been addicted to something other than a drug?
Have you ever been addicted to a drug?
Do you like macadamia nut cookies?
What kind of accent do people typically have where you're from?
Bruno Mars- fail or win?
Can you sleep without a fan on?
Does history interest you at all?
What's something you wish you could do-over?
How many times a day do you apply deoderant?
Have you ever tried any drugs?
What caused the most intense physical pain you've ever felt?
Do you like those Sperry Top-Sider shoes?
Can you wear shoes like that without getting blisters on your ankles?
If so, you're lucky.
Would you agree that dark chocolate tastes like rotten chocolate?
Do you touch your lips when you're nervous?
Do you think you can read other people's body language well?
Are you a good driver?
Did you pass your driver's test the first time you took it?
Would you rather be involved in a watergun or a paintball gun war?
Is your hair in layers or is it all the same length?
Is there anyone who you're afraid to be in a car with, if they're driving?
What's a quick fix for a bad hair day?
Do you enjoy flying or do you get scared?
Be honest. Do you like making other people feel jealous?
Have you ever purposely made someone of the opposite sex jealous?
Are you addicted to shopping?
Do you always wear mascara and eyeliner?
Do you have any huge hoodies lined with snuggly fur on the inside?
Is there anything you do, kind of habitually, that's completely mindless
but helps you think?
Not sure if that made a whole hell of a lot of sense...
Do you like headphones or ear-buds more?
What's your favorite winter sport?
What's something you're very good at?
Where do you spend the majority of your summer?
Who do you usually spend the most of your summer with?
How old were you and where did you go on your first real date?
Have you ever had a bonfire on the beach at night?
Do you like sour gummy worms?
Have you ever helped a complete stranger with anything?
Would you pick up a hitchhiker if they seemed harmless?
When playing a sport, are you more focused on winning or having fun?
Who's the last person who gave you a piggy back ride?
Who's the last person that you gave a piggy back ride?
Rock, paper, or scissors?
Would you be bothered if your boyfriend liked to bite you?
Are you any good at dancing?
Even if you aren't, do you like to dance?
What makes you feel the most 'alive'?
Who's conversations do you appreciate the most?
Is there anyone's advice you value enough to take against your own
How often do you get the opportunity to be completely alone?
Do you like being alone or does it drive you crazy?
Do you have a trampoline?
Do you get nervous when driving in convertibles, knowing that if you
flipped, you'd be screwed?
What's your favorite Pixar movie?
Are you capable of successfully lying to someone you love?
Who do you adore?