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Author: queenbeeemily
Created: March 14, 2011
Taken: 143 times
Rated: G

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The Best GiRL Survey

Created by queenbeeemily and taken 143 times on Bzoink
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What do you like to do on your free time?
What do you like to do to take a load off?
Would you rather a huge giftcard to your fav. restaurant or clothing store?
What is your favorite clothing store @ the moment?
How much do you usually spend on clothes when you shop?
Do you consider yourself stylish?
Are you trendy?
Do you follow all the trends anyways?
Trend you're totally not into right now?
Trend you are into right now?
Are you a high heel kind of woman or all about comfort?
Do you wear makeup my Dear?
That was wierd. I don't talk like that. & I spelled wierd wrong.
So where do you shop for makeup? =)) If not skip makeup questions.
What are some of your favorite brands for makeup?
And least favorite?
Specific makeup products that you'll never touch again?
What foundation are you using right now?
Setting powder?
Blush you usually apply on the go?
Do you use a setting spray? If so which?
Are you more of a lipgloss of lipstick gal?
Do you use lipliner?
Your favorite lipstick @tm?
And lipgloss?
What do you use on your eyebrows?
Do you overpluck your brows?
What is something you can't stand when girls do with their makeup?
Black or brown eyeliner girl?
What other makeup products you must use?
Favorite eyeshadow @tm?
Onto other things. Facial cleanser, what is your fav @tm?
Body Lotion
Body Wash
Shaving Cream
Hair products
How do you like your hair styled?
What are your favorite hair colors?
You wouldn't ever do this to your hair ...
Do you like jewelry?
What kind of jeans do you like the most?
Do you like ripped jeans? Not crazy ripped, but some
On a scale 1-3, how big if your butt?
What size jeans do you wear?
How much do you weigh?
How tall are you?
Do you like your body?
You should. Are you muscular?
Are you flabby?
What is something you love about your appearance?
And about your personality?
And special talents? Non-sexual.
Do you prefer to be pale, medium, tan, or black?
What is your ethnic background?
Should I dye my hair more blonde or all black??
What must you have in your diet?
Something you eat very often and don't get tired of
Favorite beverage
Do you smoke?
Smoke weed?
^ Boring questions. Do you have pets?
What and who?! =D
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Who? and do you love them
Do you journal?
Can you sing?
Place you don't want to go to shop for clothes, made for your age group
Do you dress more uniform in color or very colorful?
Water? Drink it often?
Mini skirts, yay or nay?
Do you go out in just a camisole?
Where do you like to shop for accessories?
And handbags?
Describe your handbag?
Are you into designer things?
What designers do you like?
And won't represent?
What is your zodiac?
Do you read your horoscopes?
Name a good song right now, that is recent
Song of recent that annoys you when you hear it
Favorite nationality of food is
Favorite thing to eat for breakfast
Snack in the middle of the day
Ice Cream
Subway sandwhich
Quiznos or Subway
Victorias Secret or Target giftcard $500
Same $ question for Wal-mart or Target
Zappos or Drugstore.com
Ulta or Sephora
MAC or Ulta
MAC or Sephora
Did you play 'MASH' as a preteen, that paper game?
Pet peeves, name one BIG one of yours
Do you have an I'm better than you attitude sometimes or with certain ppl?
Don't lie! Are you shy and insecure?
Do you post lots of pics on a social networking site?
Do you have a Facebook?
Still have myspace :X
What wouldn't you mind getting a tat of?
Are you against tattoos?
Would u rather be covered or bare from tattoos?
Fav. nailpolish at the moment
Last thing you bought, girly
Something 'fake' that you like haha
Sneaker girl or heel girl
Would you ever, did you ever buy crocs?!
Another fav. you like watching
A funny cute movie
What color cotton candy?
Favorite soda
Salad dressing
Chocolate candy
Place to go for fun on a trip
Place to go around home
Lake or Ocean?
Wide ruled or college ruled?
Pen or pencil to write with?
Crayon or colored pencil?
Best pop artist as of recent
How was this quiz?
Thankyou for taking it. Have a good night! =D =]