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Author: everyusernameistaken
Created: March 18, 2011
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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Finally Something Thats Different ((With Grammar)

Created by everyusernameistaken and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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How was your day three days ago?
Whats the name of your first pet?
The street you first lived on?
Put them together and thats your "stripper name"[;
Do you think you would be successful with that name?
Name a person you know who is 17 years old.
Do you know the Bob The Builder theme song?
Worst movie youve ever seen?
Have you ever seen someone do something stupid and get hurt in result?
How many of the amendments can you recite?
What did you last write in Microsoft Word?
Have you forgiven the person who disrespected you most?
Say something about doctors
Do you wear socks when your sleeping?
Whats one of your favorite jokes?