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Author: xxbieberburnham
Created: March 29, 2011
Taken: 658 times
Rated: G

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chris brown  

Someday when the sky is falling I'll be right there next to you

Created by xxbieberburnham and taken 658 times on Bzoink
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Do you believe in karma?
When's the last time you folded the laundry?
Do you eat breakfast every morning?
Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Does your best friend have contacts or glasses?
Do you watch America's Funniest Home Videos?
Do you like wearing sweaters?
Is your laptop currently charging?
Have you ever had a manicure?
Do you air dry your hair or blow dry?
Do you wet your tooth brush then put the toothpaste on or the other way?
Have you ever had popcorn with carmel on it?
Do you like to have camp fires in the summer?
Was it cold out today?
Have you ever seen the movie Hairspray?
Do you want some candy right now?
Do you like wearing dresses?
Are your arms hairy or just normal?
Would you ever shave your arms?
Do you tend to agree with people just to fit in?
Do you hate how some movies have songs every 5 minutes?
Would you rather have lived in the 60s or 70s?
Do you own one of those Livestrong bracelets?
Are you currently fighting with someone?
How tall are you?
Would you rather dance forever or sing?
Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
On a scale 1-10 how much do you like spaghetti?
Will you be seeing the new movie Soul Surfer?
Can you wait until summer?
What age did you stop playing with dolls?
What makes you want to take a survey?
Is your life your phone?
Does anyone currently like you right now?
Do you know someone who is so good at lying?
Are you living your life a lie?
Do you like scary movies?
Do you believe that theres life out there some where else?
Would you rather visit: The Eiffel Tower or Egyptian Pyramids?
What smiley face currently expresses you?
Do you watch the show The Simpsons?
Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Who was the last person you held hands with?
Would you like to work at a candy shop?
When you wash your hands, do you always use soap?
Do you only buy clothes that are under $20?
If someone ever caught you cheating, would you confess to it?
Would you be surprised if your most reccent ex called you tonight?
This year last year can you remember who you liked?
Do you care: not enough, to little or to much?
You're phone is ringing. It's your worst enemy. What do you say?
Were you single on your last birthday?
Did anything brighten up your day today?
Would you like to go to New Jersey?
Have you heard of the Bed Intruder song?
Do you want to cut your hair?
Has someone upset you within the last 48 hours?
Will you be dating someone within the next month?
Do you like suckers?
Do you listen to Rihanna?
Next time you will leave the city your in?
Have you ever had a really big fight with your best friend?
Do you wear earrings?
Do you own a red dress?
Do you like slow or fast songs?
Do you have feelings for someone?
Do you like chocolate?
Can money buy happiness?
What's something you want really bad right now?
Just label everything with a true or false. (:
You had a valentine this year.
You have a crush.
You have danced today.
You have a Facebook.
You hate getting yelled at.
You like your first name.
You're wearing socks.
Your favorite type of quotes are life ones.
You'll be going to a concert within the next 6 months.
You use Herbel Essences shampoo.
You enjoy reading.
You would rather be a vampire than a werewolf.
Your a great dancer.
You can hula hoop.
You hate going to the dentist.
The last person you texted was your best friend.
You would rather be the oppisite sex.
You love it when a boy smells good.
You were once in gymnastics.
You have anger issues.
You've been to Wal Mart within the past 2 weeks.
Your favorite color on a boy is red.
Someone made you laugh today.
You like tigers.
You can plant a flower.
You're wearing a neckalace.
It's past 8:00.
You enjoy scaring people.
It's a school night.
You still have your Christmas lights up.
Someone made you smile today.
You've fallen asleep in class.
You live on a farm.
You love to smile.
You think this survey was to long.