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Author: --rainboweyes--
Created: June 8, 2011
Taken: 60 times
Rated: G

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Which Of My Friends Are You Most Like?

Created by --rainboweyes-- and taken 60 times on Bzoink
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Answer yes or no or elaborate up to you. I'm bored -:)
I enjoy playing football
I have waited years for the one I want and my feelings haven't changed
I love to party and drink
I come across as abnoxious or mocking but I'm just playing about
My parents split up when I was younger
Rap, RnB and Dance music is where it's at
I come across as jokey but deep down I'm a sensitive person
I have 1 sister and 1 brother
I have sent romantic lyrics/poems to someone I had feelings for
I support Manchester United
I'm a very emotional person
I wear my heart and emotions on my sleeve
I have 2 little boys
I act more like the opposite gender to what I am
You say 'mate' a lot
I was born in July
I become moody very easily if I haven't slept well
I enjoy takeaways and get one about once a week
I can't stand my ex partner
I always seem to be the underdog
I always date the wrong guys
My hair is very, very dark brown
I always seem to make mistakes or so it seems
I would never turn down a trip out with a good friend
I don't like confrontation
I was born in March
My Mum is friends with most of my friends
I have 2 brothers
My parents are still together
My brother is very overprotective of me
I can't handle my drink
I keep going back to the same ex even after hurting eachother
My my partner doesn't like me having female friends
I don't like being alone and get bored very easy
I have a stepdad who I am really close with
My biological Dad has died
My Mum and I argue on and off all the time
I have twin little sisters
All in all I have 6 siblings
I was born in March
My family and I go on holiday somewhere in the country every year
My family and I are very sporty and we go biking when we can
I am very innocent and unassuming
I'm easily hurt and easily confused
I was born in February
I don't like being left out of things I feel it's personal against me
I enjoy being with my friends and don't mind looking after them
I am a very tidy person
My parents are separated
I have 1 brother and 1 sister
I love MAC computers
I have a mild learning difficulty
I love babies
I enjoy DJing and making mixes
I was born in March
I was a triplet but my sister and brother died
I have 1 sister
My parents are separated
I live in my own apartment
I have been known to have erratic mood swings
I have dated 1 of my friends exes but that was before we were proper friend
I have dated someone really wrong for me and who had commited a crime
If I don't like someones opinion I wont listen to it, even if it might help
I love children and babies
I like meeting up with friends and going for walks and drinks
I have a boyfriend called David
I was born in April
I am very tall for a girl
I have low self esteem and low trust
I can't wait to be a mother some day
I was born in February
I was adopted at a very young age
I come off as aloof and spiteful, but I really can be nice deep down
I'm afraid of love and trust and care because I have been betrayed
I have 2 'adopted' brothers and 1 'adopted' sister
I may not be strong but if someone hurts someone I love, that's it
I can't handle my drink
I leave showing my feelings until the girl I want, wants someone else too
I am very picky in what I find attractive/interesting/sensible
I don't trust anyone... well except from maybe my Mum and that 1 person
OK, now lets tally up. Might do another one with more on each person and
with more people just don't want to overwhelm you if want me to message me
... Totals ...
Who did you get the most in?
Who did you get the least in?
What should my next survey be about? Be specific can be anything!