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Author: -xoxo
Created: June 20, 2011
Taken: 467 times
Rated: G

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I speak the truth and everybody else knows it, so set your ego to the side and get over it;

Created by -xoxo and taken 467 times on Bzoink
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has someone ever written a song for you?
do you ever feel like crying for no reason?
don't people who are wrong but think they're always right annoy you?
do you like your handwriting?
what's your birthstone?
who was the last person to annoy you?
what are you doing this weekend?
are you a bitch?
will you always back your friends up in a fight?
what do you look for in a partner?
could you ever forgive someone who cheated on you?
where was your default picture taken at?
have you ever met a celebrity?
what is the last dream you remember having?
what's the closest thing to you that's red?
do you like avril lavigne?
would you say you're a smart person?
are you planning on going to college?
what is the wallpaper on your computer?
if someone says something rude to you, what do you do?
what's the best show on mtv?
what's your all time favorite book?
who was the last person you went to the movies with?
for the most part, do you care what other people think about you?
how tall are you?
how many people do you trust?
do you have any pets?
where was the last place you fell asleep, other than your bed?
how is the weather today?
are you in a good mood today? :)
what color is your natural hair?
kissing or hugging?
do you think you'll be a strict parent?
how much money do you have on you right now?
what did you have for lunch?
would you rather invent a cure for cancer or a cure for aids?
would you rather give up your computer or your pet?
what's the worst injury you've ever had?
are you close with anyone online that you've never met?
what song are you in love with at the moment?
what's your idea of what happens after death?
if you could stop one thing from happening from your past, what would it be
how do you vent out your anger?
when you're upset do you like to be comforted or left alone?
do you paint your nails?