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Author: xxbieberburnham
Created: June 25, 2011
Taken: 179 times
Rated: G

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All your ever gonna be is mean

Created by xxbieberburnham and taken 179 times on Bzoink
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Does it bother you when people beg?
Do you ever eat cookie dough raw?
Are you one of those people who are always cold?
When was the last time you rode a rollercoaster?
When was the last time you ate a doughnut?
Do you have any plans this summer?
Is there someone you wish you were closer to?
Do you like hot dogs?
Do you have any weird rings?
Have any bad addictions?
Are you anything like your siblings?
When was the last time you shaved your legs?
When was the last time you were sick?
Are you a fan of Miranda Cosgrove?
How many more months until your birthday?
Do you like long bike rides?
Do you know someone who is blind?
Do you have a YouTube account?
Will next Friday be a good one?
How many cell phones have you had?
When was the last time something bothered you?
When it's your birthday, do you hope its a good one?
Do you ever try free samples at the store?
Can you speak French or Spanish?
Do you own a pair of yellow socks?
What school year do you think will be/was the saddest?
What color is your school?
Do you like boys with long hair?
Have you ever had plum juice?
Have you pretended to be someone your not?
Have you ever passed out?
Was today someones birthday that you know?
Have you drank any water today?
When was the last time you had a crowd at your house?
Are you worried about anything right now?
Are you keeping anything from your best friends right now?
Do you currently have any mosquito bites?
Have you ever recieved a speeding ticket?
Do you have Twitter?
If you found out you were pregnant, who would you tell?
Is your driveway stone or pavement?
Do you think it would be cool to have a gummy bear lamp?
Have you ever caught something on fire?
Do you have pet goats?
Do you say "Okay" or "Alright" more?

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