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Author: mickey-mouse
Created: July 10, 2011
Taken: 208 times
Rated: G

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Today, I swear, I'm not doing -ANYTHING-.

Created by mickey-mouse and taken 208 times on Bzoink
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What are two things that you have no problem paying full price for?
You have 5 minutes - grab 3 snacks from the grocery store. What are they?
Dancing, acting, and singing - which two are you best at?
Deep fried Oreos & deep fried pickles - would you try either?
Do you remember how old you were when you found out where babies come from?
Funny, charming, cute, romantic, smart - choose only 2 for the opposite sex
Snow or sand? Soda or juice? Cake or cookies? Royalty or immortality?
What seasoning do you use the most on your food?
Which is more important to you: make-up or hair?
For an entire month would you rather have a unibrow or no eyebrows at all?
What is one tradition that you and your family have? Do you enjoy it?
Have you ever let somebody use you? Why did you do it?
You can go back in time & change something in your Mom's past-what is it?
Do you know anybody who is around the exact same size as you? Who?
Ever been to a haunted house? How scared were you?
Money doesn't matter - choose a vacation destination and pick your party:
Who is the last person you talked badly about behind their back?
Been on any websites today you wouldn't want your parents to see?
Flip your arm over - can you see your veins?
Pick a movie at least 5 years old that you absolutely love:
Apparently, you can't tickle yourself. Do you think that's true?
Do you ever buy snacks at the movie theater? What do you get?
When was the last time you had to jump?
At what time does it start getting dark where you live?
Which is worse: dusting or mopping?
Peanut butter VS. Caramel - which side are you on?
Have you ever complained to a manager about anything? What was it?
Any idea where the shirt you're wearing was made? Take a guess.
What smells remind you of winter? How about summer?
Would you marry somebody who was intensely religious?