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Author: carnivalcorii
Created: August 20, 2011
Taken: 146 times
Rated: G

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This or That? Most pick :P

Created by carnivalcorii and taken 146 times on Bzoink
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This or That?
Hot or Cold?
Call or Text?
Green or Yellow?
School Spirit or None?
Duck or Chicken?(Not for food :P)
Single or Taken?
Snickers or Twix?
Hamster or Rabbit?
Family Guy or American Dad?
Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
Christmas or you Birthday?
Coke or Pepsi?
Walk or Run?
Rocker or Prep?
Batman or Super??
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?
Blind or Deaf?
Day or Night?
Snow Globe or Music Box?
Rollerskating or Iceskating?
Pancakes or Waffles?
Mtv or Fuse?
Aquarium or Zoo?
Freddy or Jason?
Burger King or Wendy's
Zim or Gir?
Hot Topic or Hollister?
Public School or Home school?
Rockstar or popstar?
Ipod or mp3 player?
Facebook or Myspace?
Lobster or Crab?
Drunk or Stoned?
Fly or Read minds?
Two wet dogs or two really fat men with bad breath?
Eat in or out?
Vanilla or Chocolate?
Forrest or Beach?
Ice Cream or Sorbet?
Shower or Bath?
Boys or Girls?
Oranges or apples?
Family or Friends?
Friends or boyfriend?
Plane or Train?
Love or Lust?
Past or Future?
T-shirts or Tank tops?
Comfort or style?
ChapStick or Lip Gloss?
The Notebook or The Time Traveler's Wife?
Heads or Tails?
Turkey or Chicken(for food)?
Salt or Pepper?
Music or Movies?
Hot dogs or Hamburgers?
Bracelets or Necklaces?
Pizza or Chicken wings?
Chocolate Chip Cookies or Peanut Butter Cookies?
Water or Milk?
Add me or no? :p Lol.
Cocky or Shy?
Baseball or Football?
Ocean or Pool?
Dancing or Singing?
Couch or Chair?
T.V. or Computer?
Cell Phone or Computer?
Rocky Road Ice Cream or Butter Pecan?
Cake or Pie?
Butter or Margarine?
Mayo or Miricle Whip?
Pretzels or Potato Chips
Pickles or Olives
Black or Green Olives?
Surfing or Snowboarding?
Sweet or Sour?
House or Apartment?
Strawberries or Blueberries?
Apple or Grape Juice?
Oreos or Chips Ahoy?
Grape or Strawberry Jelly?
Hard shell or soft shell taco?
Sausage or Bacon?
Mexican or Itailain Food?
Poems or Short Stories?
Gold or Sliver?
Face or body?
Truth or Dare?
Life in prison or Dealth penalty?
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