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Author: brooklynnx
Created: September 17, 2011
Taken: 248 times
Rated: G

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The Ultimate Crush Survey ♥

Created by brooklynnx and taken 248 times on Bzoink
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So you've got a crush? Tell me about him :)
What's his name?
How old is he?
What's his birthday?
What grade is he in?
What color hair does he have?
Is is long or short?
What color are his eyes?
Does he have long eyelashes?
Is he thin or a little on the heavy side?
Is he muscular?
Does he have a nice smile?
Does he have good style?
Does he smell good?
Does he have any piercings?
Does he have any tattoos?
When did you meet him?
Where did you meet him?
Have you actually ever talked to him or do you admire from afar?
How long have you had this crush?
Does he know you exist?
Are you friends with him?
Does he go to the same school as you?
Is he good in school?
Is he more outgoing or shy?
Do you guys hang out outside of school?
Have you ever hugged him/he hugged you?
Do you flirt with each other?
Is he single?
Do your friends approve of this crush?
Are you friends with his friends?
Have you ever considered telling him how you feel?
Why haven't you told him yet?
Does he act nervous or comfortable around you?
Do his friends act weird when you and him are near each other?
Do you friends tease you about liking him?
Have you ever held his hand?
Have you ever kissed him?
Have you ever met his family?
Has he ever met your family?
Does he ever compliment you?
Does he have any pets?
Does he have any siblings?
What's his favorite color?
What type of music does he like?
What's his favorite movie?
Does he play sports?
Does he play instruments/sing?
Does he know you like him?
On a scale of 1-10, how big is this crush?