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Author: midsummerhues
Created: September 19, 2011
Taken: 94 times
Rated: G

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You are a cheap and nasty fake and I am the bones you couldn't break.

Created by midsummerhues and taken 94 times on Bzoink
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Do you like Placebo?
Have you seen American Psycho?
Do you think Christian Bale's cute?
Do you use shaving cream or just soap?
What's your GW?
How many hours a day do you occupy with homework?
Have you seen the movie From Within?
Have you ever dated someone who could be classified as emo?
Do you keep track of your daily calorie intake/out-take?
Do you ever get free samples in the mail from Wal-Mart?
Do you do any stretches after you wake up?
How much time have you spent active today?
Do you have a Nintendo 3DS?
Do you live with anyone who is jealous of you?
Do you rotate your mattress every week?
Do you know any Cara Lynns?
How much time have you spent on Facebook today?
Effy or Cassie?
Do you even know who I'm talking about?
What's the last thing you bought from an Old Navy?
Banana Republic or Ralph Lauren?
Do you like going to outlet malls?
How do you want your hair done?
Have you ever went to some big city by yourself and felt lost?
When's the last time you kissed someone?
Do you have dimples anywhere on your body?
Have you ever been in a canoe?
What do you typically like to read books about?
Do you make collages out of magazines when you're bored?
Have you ever made/watched a haul video on YouTube?
Do you have any adopted Asian/Japanese friends?
Have you ever made yourself coffee in the afternoon?
Do you like Maurices?
Have you ever felt like pictures add more ugly than lbs?
Do you have any t-shirts meant for a male?
Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber? CHOOSE!
Do you like varsity jackets?
Indian-styled patterns?
Is thinking a particular race unattractive the same as discrimination?
Have you ever dated someone you were ashamed of?
Do you think you're hot?
Have you watched a Bob's Burgers?
Do you like your face's profile?
Have you ever purposely cut someone?
Do you like eos?