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Author: faith1263
Created: September 25, 2011
Taken: 107 times
Rated: G

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Sooo, the question is... are we alike?! :)

Created by faith1263 and taken 107 times on Bzoink
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You have blue eyes
Your eyes are your favorite feature about yourself
You are still in highschool
You play the flute
You play the piano
You LOVE music
You smile and laugh ALOT
You've been in love
You question if you'll ever find love again...but deep inside know you wil
You are a Facebook addict
You are very optomistic
You've only kissed one person in your whole life
You're a born again Christian :)
You LOVE people, in general
You are often impatient
You run/or ran track in highschool
You are/were in band
You are/were in choir
You are/were in drama
You are/were always on the Honor Roll
You are/were in the National Honor Society
You are/were somewhat popular
You are funny, but in a very different way haha :P
You love to read
You love to write
You write poetry
You are addicted to filling out surveys
You love Mountain Dew
You also love Coke
You've never drank in your whole life
You've never smoked in your whole life
You've never tried drugs in your whole life
Allthough you've had a rebellious streak for awhile
You have the greatest family in the world
You are stubborn
You come across as VERY confident
You are starting to learn how to draw
You plan on majoring in Advertising/Public Relations at college
You are going to attend a Christian college
You HATE snakes
You are kinda afraid of spiders
You think Solitaire is very addicting and fun
You love fashion
You're sense of style is fashionable/cute..yet super casual and comfortable
You love Chinese food
You love Mexican food
You love Italian food
You have 3 brothers
You have 1 sister
You are the youngest
You have moved several times in your life so far
Your favorite state is Colorado or Florida
You don't have a boyfriend
You actually don't even like anyone right now
You are very outgoing and friendly
You can also be quiet and thoughtful but only on occasion
You love to play tennis
You are very close to your mom
You have a pretty sweet room
You think we are alike?! :)