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Author: macro
Created: September 29, 2011
Taken: 167 times
Rated: G

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This or That (Girls vs. Boys style)

Created by macro and taken 167 times on Bzoink
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Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger?
John Lennon or Janis Joplin?
Cosmo or Wanda? (from Fairly Oddparents)
Rihanna or Chris Brown?
Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt?
Josh or Megan? (from Drake & Josh)
Michael Jackson or Madonna?
Michelle Obama or George Bush?
Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber?
Nicki Minaj or Drake?
Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul?
Superman or Wonder Woman?
Stevie Nicks or Ozzy Osbourne?
A little sister or a little brother?
Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez?
Wilma Flinstone or Barney Rubble?
Oprah Winfrey or Jay Leno?
Luke Skywalker or Leia Skywalker?
Fred Weasley or Ginny Weasley?
Zac Efron or Vanessa Anne Hudgens?
Sonny or Cher?
Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse?
Winnie the Pooh or Piglet? (assuming that Piglet is a girl)
Romeo or Juliet?
Catherine or Heathcliff?
Belle or the Beast? (from Beauty and the Beast)
Peter Pan or Wendy?
Mario or Peach?
Olivia Newton John or John Travolta?
Jaden Smith or Willow Smith?