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Author: jojonaveja
Created: November 15, 2011
Taken: 84 times
Rated: PG

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Lifes a party, now let's dance. (Are we alike?)

Created by jojonaveja and taken 84 times on Bzoink
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True, false, yes, no, explination?
You are happy almost all of the time?
You have all kinds of genres of music on your ipod?
Reading intrests you sometimes?
You are kinda digging Wiz Khalifa?
Bad grammar drives you insane?
You love Jesus Christ?
You like some kids?
Family means everything to you?
You don't really fit into a general clique?
A Day to Remember is your favorite?
Some people sometimes say you're bipolar?
You party late evenn when you have to wake up early?
Being single doesn't bother you because you can flirt and talk to whoever?
Your phone is always with you?
You don't really enjoy texting but you'll put up with it for a cute boy?
You get good grades even if you don't try as much as you should?
You're still a virgin?
You have done 'things' with the opposite sex?
You're not racist but you crack bad jokes sometimes?
You're really dirty minded?
You're a tad bit of a perfectionist?
You're into Harry Potter?
You think skinny jeans are cute and comfy?
You over think things too much?
You're terrified of windows?
You have many best friends?
You're listening to music at this very moment?
Your name can work for a boy or a girl? (jordan :D)
You constantly have wedgies? XD
You correct people but then feel like a dick?
You call people bro or dude often?
You dig cuddling?
You like to take long surveys?
You hate it when people ask you why 2984 times?
When you answer something you use random numbers for fun?
Your parents are divorced?
You hate annoying hoes?
You trust people too easily sometimes?
You believe that everybody deserves a second chance?
You often wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy?
You don't have time to watch tv?
You like watching cartoons?
You're freakin' stoked for thanksgiving?
You are a huge procrastinator?
You've got some missions that nobody can see? (Kid Cudi)
You like to party?
You shower everyday?
Errrrrday you're shuffling?
You tell people that you're awesome?
You prentend to have more confindence than what you actually have?
You're 15 and wish so much to be older?
You don't like chocolate?
You like the simple stuff? (like koolaid for example.)
You can be very picky?
You've changed a lot for the better in the past couple years?
You've only been in love once?
Even though you know water is better for you, you choose a soda anyways?
Onee last question..
Are we alike? :)