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Author: hannahpolster
Created: November 17, 2011
Taken: 75 times
Rated: G

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All about you :) Random questions about yourself

Created by hannahpolster and taken 75 times on Bzoink
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birth place
what town do you live in
moms name
dads name
any siblings
their names?
how old are they?
your hair color
hair length
is your dyed
favorite color?
what grade are you in
plans for after high school?
do you have a job?
does it pay well?
what is your most expensive item?
how many relationships have you been in
what was the longest one
what about the shortest one?
favorite article of clothing for yourself
favorite article of clothing on the opposite sex
do u currently have a crush on anyone
do they know you like them
are you gunna ask them out any time soon
if no, why not?
if yes, when?
favorite smell?
favorite taste?
favorite sound?
favorite feeling?
favorite sight?
how long was your longest crush
most romantic kiss that youvw had
most romantic kiss you can imagine
most romantic date youve had
most romantic date you can imagine
favorite drink
favorite energy drink
favorite soda
whats your bedtime
what time do u wake up
what do u eat for breakfast
what do you eat for lunch
how bout dinner
favorite tv show
dentist or doctors?
food shopping or clothes shopping?
bradley cooper or brad pitt?
megan fox or angelina jolie?
whats doo u see when you look up
how bout to your right>
your left?
whats behind you
what color our your sheets
favorite website
how long r u on fb
do u still have a myspace
lets talk about the opposite sex
which do u perfer
eye colors
hair colors
body type
loud or quiet
smart or dumb
when do u plan on getting married
how many kids do u want
what is you dream job
who is your celeb crush
what were you doing before you atrted this survey
do u wear glasses
do they change the color of your eyes
favorite sport
favorite sport to watch
its a saturday night where are you?
what do u do for fun
who are your best friends
who are your really close friends
how old is your oldest friend
whats ur favorite day
what is your least favorite day
answer to number 96 was friday right?
and 97 was monday huh?
do you like chicken
how about chese
whats your favorite store in the mall
do u say hi to santa in the mall during christmastime
do u get you picture taken with santa
what do u do to exercise
favorite dessert
favorite fruit
favorite season
how long are your showers
do u sing to your reflection
do u sing in the showe
do u sing in the car
what do u do when your home alone
can you cook
what is your best dishe
what is your favorite male name
female name
do u shave your legs
how about your arms
your face
under your arms
how do u keep you eyebrows clean
how long does it take for you to get ready to go out
when is the next time your going out
who are you going with
are you excited
how many mirrors are in your room
how many posters
who are on most of the posters in your room
do u wear any piece of jewlery everyday
celeb crush?? did i already ask that?
favorite single digit number
favorite double digit number
if your a girl where do u keep your make up?
if your a guy where do u kepp your deoderant
favorite holiday?
favorite month
what do you where to sleep
how many blankets do u use in the fall and winter
how bout spring and summer
do u like your school?
how many friends do you have on facebook
how many of them do u actually know
how many statuses do u post in a day
do u think your good looking
this was a good quiz right
should i make a longer one
how many questions?
hasta luego
be honest did u google translate that?