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Author: kaylee08
Created: November 22, 2011
Taken: 91 times
Rated: G

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Your Crushes<3

Created by kaylee08 and taken 91 times on Bzoink
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Name a crush from each grade! :)
1st grade:
2nd grade:
3rd grade:
4th grade:
5th grade:
6th grade:
7th grade:
8th grade:
Freshman year:
Sophomore year:
Junior year:
Senior year:
:Random Questions:
How old were you when you first started having a crush on someone?
Have you confessed to any of them?
Have you gone out with any of them?
Have you ever been rejected by any of them?
Are you friends with any of them?
What about best friends?
Which one have you had a crush on the longest?
What about the shortest?
Are you dating any of them now?
If so, who?