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Author: stripesn44
Created: November 24, 2011
Taken: 377 times
Rated: G

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A really long survey. Pretty much about everything. Let's see if you can complete it.

Created by stripesn44 and taken 377 times on Bzoink
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Your name:
What is your name?
Who were you named after?
Do you know what your name means?
Rate your name on a scale of 1-10:
Is your name common?
Would you say it's old fashioned or modern?
Physical appearance:
Do you wear glasses?
Do you wear contacts?
Or do you wear neither?
What color are your eyes?
Are they a unique color?
Do people compliment them?
What color is your hair?
Do you have thick hair?
Do you have thin hair?
Do you wear hair extensions/wigs?
Is your hair curly?
Is your hair straight?
Is your hair wavy?
Do you straighten your hair?
How do you feel about your weight?
Do you obsess over it?
Are you trying to lose or gain weight?
What is your face shape?
Do you have high cheekbones?
Do you have chubby cheeks?
Do you look like a family member?
Do you think your pretty?
Rate your looks on a scale of 1-10:
How tall are you?
Are you happy with that?
Do you consider yourself to be tall or short?
How tall do you wish you were?
Do you have long hair?
Do you have short hair?
Do you have medium-length hair?
Do you dye or highlight your hair?
Are you wearing makeup?
If so, what makeup products?
Are your nails painted?
If so, what color?
Do you even paint your nails often?
Describe your hair:
Do you need a haircut?
Do you cut your own hair?
Have you ever shaved your head?
Does your hair have layers?
Do you think the preferred sex thinks your attractive?
Do you have thin lips?
Would you ever get lip injections?
Would you ever get liposuction?
Would you ever get a plastic surgery?
Do you get called beautiful alot?
What ethnicity do you look like?
Do you have bony shoulders?
What are some unique features you have?
Your house.
How big is your house?
Is it an apartment?
Do you live in an old shack?
Do you have a garage?
Do you have a shed?
Do you share a room?
If so, with who?
If not, are you glad?
Does anyone not apart of your family live with you?
Do you even live with your family?
Do the majority of the floors have carpets or hard wood floors?
Do you decorate your house?
Do you have a dining room?
Do you have a livingroom?
Do you have a kitchen?
Do you have any closets?
What do you keep in your closets?
Your bedroom.
How big is your room?
Are you in it right now?
Is your room cold or warm?
Do you have a fan/air conditioner in your room?
Do you have a TV in your room?
A bookshelf?
A bed?
A table?
A desk?
A computer?
A dresser?
A closet?
A lamp?
When was the last time you painted the walls?
What color do you want to paint them next?
What color are they?
Do you have alot of windows in your room?
How many windows, exactly?
Do you have a door?
Have you ever gotten really pissed off and ripped the door off the hinges?
If you answered yes to question 97, why?
Have you ever punched the walls so hard you put a hole in them?
Do you have a big bed?
What is on your bed?
How many blankets do you sleep with?
How many pillows do you sleep with?
Do you have dirty laundry on your floor?
In your closet?
In a basket?
Do you carelessly throw clothes on the floor when you take them off?
Do you have a carpet?
How much time do you spend on the internet?
Do you waste too much time online?
What's your favorite website?
Do you use Tumblr?
Yahoo Answers?
Club Penguin?
Do you think Formspring is lame?
Do you think blogs are lame?
Have you ever heard of Omegle?
If so, do you like to troll on it?
What do you think of cyber sex?
Do you think it's lame?
Have you ever had cyber sex?
If you actually said yes, why?
Have you ever used Mormon Chat?
If yes, do you like to troll on that also?
Do you think chat websites are lame?
Do you have online friends?
How big is your TV?
Are you addicted to TV?
Do you own more then one TV?
Do you watch way too much TV?
Are you one of those people who hardly watch TV?
Do you like Glee?
Do you like Keeping up with the Kardashians?
Do you like commercials?
Do you fall asleep with the TV on?
Do you like ABC Family?
Do you like TBS?
Do you like MTV?
What are your favorite channels?
What are your favorite types of TV shows?
Do you like dramas?
Do you like comedies?
Do you like thrillers?
Do you like horror movies?
Do you like chick flicks?
Do you watch alot of movies?
What was the best movie you've seen in the past 4 months?
Who's your favorite actress?
Who's your favorite actor?
What do you think of The Human Centipede?
Have you ever even seen it?
Wha are your favorite movies?
What's your faavorite type of movie?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
If not, do you want one?
If so, do you want to be single?
Have you ever even had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Are you straight?
Are you gay?
Have you had your first kiss yet?
How was your first kiss?
Was it awkward?
How old were you when you had your first kiss?
How many people have you kissed so far?
Are you waiting until marriage?
How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
Are you bisexual?
Where was your last kiss?
Have you ever dumped someone through text?
Has someone ever dumped you through text?
Have you ever dated someone younger then you?
Have you ever dated someone 3+ older then you?
How old was the oldest person you dated?
Would you date a 80 year old?
Would you date a 6 year old?
If you answered yes to those, WHY??!!
What would you do if someone you had no interest in wanted you?
Have you ever broken someone's heart?
How many hearts have you broken?
Has someone ever broken your heart?
Did you cry for days after that?
Who was the last person to...
Make you feel nice?
Hit you?
Piss on you?
Punch your face?
Kick you in the balls?
Throw you?
Hug you?
Give you a high five?
Scream at you?
Shag you?
Shoot you with a gun?
Shank you?
Throw up infront of you?
Call you hot?
Compliment you?
Dance with you?
Do you like school?
Have you ever gotten bullied at school?
Have you ever told a teacher off?
Have you ever swore at a teacher?
Have you ever liked a teacher?
Do you get alot of homework?
Do you follow the dress code?
Are you even in school?
What grade are you in?
Are you in Middle School?
Are you in High School?
Are you in College?
Do you want to go to College?
Have you ever attended a boarding school?
Do you even do your homework?
Do you have a job?
If so, is your boss nice?
If not, do you want a job?
How many jobs have you had?
How old were you when you got your first job?
Do you get paid well?
Have you ever been a prostitute?
If you had to be, would you become one?
Are you broke right now?
Do you save your money or spend it all?
In an average month, how much money do you spend?
Is money your obsession?
Do you hate your job?
Are you looking for another job?
Why did you get fired from your last job?
Have you ever told a boss off?
Would you ever swear at a boss?
Would you ever flip your boss off?
What was the last thing you ate?
Do you like food?
Do you eat alot or a little?
Do you snack throughout the day?
Are you always eating?
Have you ever eaten an entire box of oreos?
Do you like cheerios?
What's your favorite kind of chips?
What's your favorite kind of cereal?
Do you drink milk?
Do you like beer?
Do you like water?
Do you have any eating disorders?
Have you ever had a eating disorder?
What's your favorite thing to throw up?
Do you like pizza?
Do you like bread?
Do you like fish?
This or that?
Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton:
Justin Bieber/Chris Crocker:
Video games/Computer games:
What do you think of...:
Paris Hilton:
The Kardashians:
Obese people:
Justin Bieber:
Chris Crocker:
Nicki Manaj:
Lady Gaga:
Bald people:
Hairy people:
Do you believe in...
What are you wearing right now?
Do you like what your wearing?
How do you feel about Hollister?
How do you feel about Abercrombie & Fitch?
How do you feel about Aeropostale?
Do you even like all those preppy stores?
Why or why not?
Do you like Forever21?
Do you like the mall?
Do you like Hot Topic?
What are your favorite clothing stores?
How do you feel about guys wearing skinny jeans?
Do you layer your clothes?
What size jeans do you wear?
Do you like fluffy coats?
Do you tie jackets around your waist?
Do you like white pants?
How do you feel about sweatpants?
Do you even wear sweatpants?
Do you like leggings as pants?
Do you wear dresses?
What about skirts?
Do you like bikinis?
Do you wear shorty shorts?
What color do you wear the most?
How would you describe your style?
Do you label your style?
Are you...:
Emotional weak?
Emotional strong?
Physically weak?
Physically strong?
A body builder?
A sumo wrestler?
A hooker?
A stripper?
A sociopath?
A murderer?
A idiot?
Random questions:
Do you like pizza hut?
Don't you just love walmart?
Or are you one of those Anti-Walmart people?
Do you like Green Tea?
Or do you think it tastes like bleach?
Have you ever actually drank bleach?
How did it taste?
If you answered yes, WHY?
Do you sleep naked?
Or do you really wear clothes when you sleep?
Do you sleep in your underwear?
Could you work at pizza hut?
Do you like Dunkin Donuts?
Have you ever heard of Tim Hortons?
If so, which do you like better: Dunkin Donuts or Tim Hortons?
Do you like Starbucks?
What do you order at Dunkin Donuts?
Do you like coffee?
Do you want to have a baby before 18 years old?
Or do you want to have a baby before 21 years old?
Are you afraid of dying alone?
Do you have bad self esteem?
How do you feel about meat?
What do you think of nuns?
Do vegetarians/vegans annoy you?
Have you ever been a vegetarian/vegan?
ARE you a vegetarian/vegan?
Why or why not?
Do you believe in Animal Rights?
Do you like steak?
Do cows annoy you?
Have you ever milked a cow?
Have you ever gutted a deer?
Would you ever go hunting?
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
Do you like crab cakes?
Do you like lobster?
Do you even like fish?
Are you lazy?
Do you have any mental diseases?
What do you think of Emo/Scene kids?
How do you feel about those fake hipster glasses people are wearing?
Is this survey bothering you?
If yes, why are you still taking it?
Can you believe you made it this far?
You are aware that it's question 418, right?
Do you have a life?
What are you doing right now other then taking this survey?
Do you wear boxers?
Do you swear alot?
Do you drink soda?
Are you eating right now?
Do you have chubby cheeks?
Do you have chubby arms?
Where do you gain weight the most?
Do you have a fast metabolism?
Do you excersize?
Or are you too lazy to excersize?
Does excersizing make you feel hot?
What exactly makes you feel hot?
Do you like makeup?
Are you one of those people who think it's evil?
Are you into the 'natural' look?
Have you ever gotten so pissed off you pulled someones eyes out?
Do you hide in the closet?
Are you in the closet right now?
Is it dark in there?
Do you want to come out?
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you celebrate Halloween?
Do you celebrate Valentines Day?
What exactly do you do for Thanksgiving?
For Christmas?
For Halloween?
For Valentines Day?
Are you one of those people who are alone on Valentines Day?
Do you like Christmas music?
Does The Holiday Season piss you off?
Do you like cherries?
Do they taste goooood?
Have you ever torn a cherry apart?
Do you like them drizzled with whipped cream and chocolate?
Do you like pop corn?
Is pop corn evil?
Are you sitting up or laying down?
Do you have a dog?
What color is your toilet paper?
J'ai été mettre
How do you feel about nudists?
Do you shave your armpits?
If you answered no to the last question, why?
What would you do if...:
Someone punched you?
Someone put a gun to your head?
Someone was standing outside your window?
A stranger made out with you?
You died. Right. Now.?
Your computer shut down at the moment?
Do you:
Play with your shoe?
Twirl your hair?
Pick your nose and eat it?
Throw dance parties?
Get bored alot?
Eat alot?
Have you ever...
Done hard drugs?
Drank alcohol?
Gotten so drunk you couldn't move?
Gotten so drunk you threw up?
Gone insane?
Been in the hospital?
Been in a mental hospital?
Broken a bone?
Celebrated National Obese Awareness Day?
Been stupid?
Went trick or treating?
Killed someone?
If you answered yes to question 496, why?!
Read Twilight?
Random questions.
Tampons or pads?
Do your period cramps hurt?
Do you wear pajamas out?
Is this survey weirding you out yet?
Are you a failure?
Do you suck?
Have you ever seen Vampires Suck?
Have you seen the new Breaking Dawn movie?
What did you think of it?
Do you even like The Twilight Saga?
Do you like Harry Potter?
Do you like Lord of the Rings?
What's your favorite weapon?
Do you even use them?
Your perfect guy/girl:
Eye color?
Hair color?
Taller or shorter then you?
Skinnier or bigger then you?
Hair cut?
Long hair or short hair?
Confident or shy?
Trouble maker or reserved?
Strong or weak?
Bad boy or respectful?
Do you care if they wear glasses?
Do you value looks or personality more?
Do you own...
A chainsaw?
A computer?
A dog?
A cat?
A knife?
A book?
A sex toy?
Mountain Dew?
A razor?
More randomness.
Do you speak any other language?
Do you speak English?
Are you French?
Would you set yourself on fire?
Are you racist?
Are you mad?
Do you eat alot of candy?
What did you dress up as for Halloween?
Do you like Marilyn Manson?
Is Lady Gaga lame?
What do you think of Ke$ha?
Do you have narrow hips?
Do you have narrow shoulders?
Are you really petite?
Do you have a jaw?
Do you have cheekbones?
Is your butt fat?
Do you like em chunky?
Do spiders scare you?
Can you take a poo in Public Restrooms and be comfortable about it?
Can you crap at other people's houses?
Do you pee alot?
Have you ever pissed on someone's face?
Do you know who R Kelly is?
R Kelly or Michael Jackson?
Did you even like Michael Jackson?
Do toothbrushes scare you?
Aren't gay guys soooo hot?
Don't you want to bang a gay guy?
Do gay guys weird you out?
Do Southern accents annoy you?
What do you think of Texas accents?
Do you believe in the saying: ''Everything is bigger in Texas'?'
Has someone ever followed you in there van?
Have you ever been to the mall on Black Friday?
If so, was it scaaaary?
What time is it now?
Are you a stalker?
Have you ever stalked someone?
Do you like looking at people?
Do you know what time it was when this survey?
If you can remember, what time WAS it exactly?
How long has it taken you so far?
Are you about to give up?
Social life:
Do you have any friends?
Where did you meet them?
Did you meet them at school?
Do you wish you didn't have a social life?
Are you a best friend?
Are you a GOOD friend?
Do your friends love you?
Do you say hi to everyone?
Are you friendly?
Do any of your friends smoke pot?
More random junkk.
Did you know that my computer almost shut down on me in the middle of this?
Are you cheap?
Do you like Target?
When you walk into Walmart, do you feel sexy right away?
Have you ever danced naked in Walmart?
Would you ever try it?
Would you go in a haunted house for FREE?
Are you dumb?
Do you look older then your age?
Do you look younger then your age?
Do you like Black Friday?
Do you have poofy hair?
How often do you pee a day?
Do you keep track of that?
What religion are you?
Do you have red hair?
Are you a ginger?
Do gingers have a soul?
Do YOU have any gingers in your family?
What comes to mind when I say...
Rebecca Black:
Fill in the blanks. Be creative.
I'm going to take my big _____ and shove it in your wet _____
I will _____ you
Knives are ______
TV is ______
Americans are _______
Take your ______ and stick it up his ______
Why are you a _____?
Do you have a long driveway?
Has anyone ever punched you?
Would you eat a snake?
Do you have big ears?
Do you have a huge head?
Do you know who Donna Simpson is?
If you do, isn't she disgusting and unhealthy?
Are you impatient?
Do you like people in general?
Why or why not?
Do you like the game Scrabble?
Are you smart?
Are you a hero?
Do you have a rolemodel?
What do you think of rolemodels?
Is it snowing where you are right now?
What do you think of snow?
Have you ever seen snow?
Have you ever heard the song ''It's raining men'' by the Weather Girls?
Do you know what 69 means?
If not, did you just google it?
You do know it is a sex position, right?
And 99 is reversed 69, mofo.
So, tell me how you are feeling right now?
Why are you still here?
Do you like beards?
Have you ever considered growing a mustache?
Would you rather become a serial killer or kill yourself?
Is there anyone you would like to hit right now?
How much do you weigh?
Are you pregnant?
Have you ever been pregnant?
Do you want to be?
If your a guy, have you ever gotten a girl pregnant?
Do you like watching movies over and over again?
How would your parents feel if you got pregnant/got someone pregnant?
What do you think of old people?
Is smoking gross?
Do you believe in Santa?
Do you like Barney?
Are you going through puberty?
What's your favorite salad?
Do you like caesar salads?
Do you like lettuce?
Do you like tic tacs?
Are you a cheerleader?
What do you think of male cheerleaders?
Do you eat healthy?
Do you eat alot of junk food?
Do you like hats?
Do you even wear hats?
How do you feel about prissy girls?
Do you read magazines?
What kind?
Do magazines annoy you?
Does the media annoy you?
Do you like Kim Kardashian?
Do you go to Church?
Guess that song?
Yeah, I didn't even think you'd know -.-
Are you bored of this survey yet?
You still here? It's question 715.
Do you like Eminem?
Katy Perry?
What's your favorite song?
Do you sing in your car?
Do you like the radio?
Who's the best singer?
Do you have something against modern music?
Do you like rap?
Does My Chemical Romance annoy you?
Do you like Justin Bieber?
Do you even know if it's a he or a she?
Do you have big eyes?
Do you have a big nose?
Do you like to build things?
Do you keep on taking breaks during this survey?
Are you a procrastinator?
Do you eat lunch or dinner at Thanksgiving?
Do you sleep with the closet doors open or closed?
Are you scared of someone killing you in your sleep?
Do you sleep alot?
Do you have sleep issues?
Do you stay up past 3am?
Do you fall asleep before 12?
What's the latest you've slept in?
Have you ever slept the whole day?
What about half the day?
So, have you ever been out of the country?
If so, where did you go?
Was it fun?
What was the purpose of going?
Have you ever been out of state?
Have you ever been to California?
New Hampshire?
Do you have a weird shaped nose?
Do you need a nose job?
Have you ever peed in the woods?
Can you crap outside?
Do you have a brother?
What would you do if I told you I was inlove with your brother?
Do you laugh at other people's misery?
Do you play in the snow?
Have you ever pood in the snow?
What is your weird fetish?
Do you have a fetish for fat people?
Are you clumsy?
Do you break things alot?
Do you spill things alot?
Do you trip alot?
Do you trip over random objects?
Do you like whipped cream?
Do you eat it right out of the can?
Have you ever broken the can of whipped cream?
It takes a really special person to break the bottle of whipped cream.
Do you eat late at night?
You are aware this is question 785, right?
Just a few more questions to gooo...
Is this the longest survey you've taken?
What's the longest you've ever tooken?
Have you ever had a cavity?
How did you like this survey?
Cool, it took me like 5 hours to make.
Actually, I'm not done yet.
So looks like your stuck here for a couple more rounds.
Okay, moving on.
Answer with true or alse.
I am afraid of guns.
I am afraid of snakes.
I like Justin Bieber.
I am bisexual.
I listen to The Medic Droid.
I like the game Angry Birds.
I am stupid.
I am taking this survey.
I am getting tired.
I hate my life.
I smell bad.
I think everyone sucks.
mkkk, more random.
It's question 812. Are you aware that McDonalds is popular?
Do you eat fast food often?
Whatever, I tottaly wasted your time, didn't I?
no nevermind i cant finish because I didnt press the right button. Again.
Never thought you could chat with me on survey, eh?
So do Canadians say Eh after everything?
Have you ever called someone a idiot?
How do you feel about that?
Do you like old people?
How do you feel about the Bible?
Are you a virgin?
Are virgins cool?
Are tractors sexy?
Is bacon in the skillet?
Anyway, NOW I'll leave.
I promise.