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Author: allmyheart
Created: December 10, 2011
Taken: 310 times
Rated: PG

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So, you have a crush? ♥ [Quiz for Girls]

Created by allmyheart and taken 310 times on Bzoink
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Basics ♥
What's his name?
How old is he?
What grade is he in?
When is his birthday?
Appearance ♥
What's his hair color?
Is it long or short?
What color are his eyes?
Does he have long eyelashes?
How tall is he?
Is he taller or shorter than you?
Is he thin, or does he have a little fluff?
Does he have a nice smile?
Does he smell good?
Is he muscular?
Does he have nice arms?
Does he have a nice butt?
Does he have nice abs?
Does he dress nice?
Does he have any piercings?
Does he have any tattoos?
Personality ♥
Is he nice?
Does he make you laugh?
Is he an honest person?
Is he respectful?
Does he have good manners?
Is he school smart or street smart?
Is he a player?
Is he shy or outgoing?
Is he a big flirt?
Does he use sarcasm a lot?
Is he quiet or does he talk a lot?
Is he fun to be around?
His Favorites ♥
Television Show?
Sport to play?
Sport to watch?
Place to shop?
Type of car?
School subject?
Other Questions ♥
How long have you known him?
Where did you meet him?
Does he even know you exist?
Are you two good friends?
Do you guys talk a lot?
Do you flirt with each other?
Do you hang out outside of school?
Is he single?
Does he ever compliment you?
Is he protective of you?
Have you two hugged?
Have you ever held hands?
Have you two ever kissed?
Have you ever met his family?
Has he ever met your family?
Does he act nervous or comfortable around you?
Has he ever stood up for you?
Does he go to the same school as you?
How long have you had this crush?
Have you told your friends about this crush?
Do your friends approve?
Are you friends with his friends?
Is he friends with your friends?
Do your friends tease you about liking him?
Have you ever held his hand?
Have you ever arm wrestled?
Does he play sports?
Does he play an instrument?
Does he have a job?
Does he have a car?
Does he sing?
Does he have any siblings?
Are his parents still together?
Does he like to read?
Does he know you like him?
Have you ever considered telling him how you feel?
Do you think he likes you back?
On a scale of 1-10, how big is this crush?
Are you in love with him?