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Author: kaylee08
Created: January 12, 2012
Taken: 151 times
Rated: PG

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True or False!

Created by kaylee08 and taken 151 times on Bzoink
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::True or False::
You are bored.
You took a shower this morning.
You are a female.
You are currently in a relationship.
You have a crush on someone.
You live in the state of Maine.
You live in the state of Vermont.
You live in the state of New York.
You live in the state of Utah.
You live in the state of Ohio.
You have moved within the last 2 years.
You are wearing socks.
You are still in your pj's.
You are currently happy with your life.
You are out of high school.
You graduated high school more than 2 years ago.
You graduated high school more than 5 years ago.
You know how to knit.
You are not a virgin.
You own a laptop.
You love taking surveys.
You have a Bzoink account.
You have a Facebook account.
You have a MySpace account.
You have a MyYearbook account.
You have other accounts besides those websites.
You own a website.
You wear make up.
You hate waking up earlier than noon time.
You drive.
You have a car.
You have a job.
Your nails are painted.
You like to write.
You love to read.
Both of your parents are still married.
Your parents were never married.
Both of your parents are married to a different person.
You are an only child.
You have been to the state of Maine.
You have been out of the country.
You are from another country.
You want children someday.
You are or got someone pregnant.
You already have kids.
You miss someone.
It snows where you live.
You like to play video games.
You're not much of a TV person.
You love music.
You wish you could go back in time.
You've had sex within the last 2 weeks.
You have a pet dog.
You also have a pet cat.
You have delivered puppies and or kittens before.
You cuss a lot.
You cuss at your parents a lot.
It is the afternoon.
Your hair color is brown.
Your hair color is black.
Your hair color is red.
Your hair color is blonde.
You dye your hair.
You at least dyed your hair a wild color once.
You cut your own hair.
You like making surveys.
You once took a survey that has over 3000 questions.
You hated middle school.
You are home alone.
You enjoyed the survey.