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Author: mickey-mouse
Created: January 14, 2012
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

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I'm known for taking what I feel I deserve... and you're overdue. <3

Created by mickey-mouse and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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How many different languages can you say
Salt & vinegar, barbeque, sour cream & onion, or cheddar?
Bow ties on guys, dorky or adorable?
What are your thoughts on mini-skirts or mini-dresses?
Have you ever died in one of your dreams?
Name three things you hate having to buy for yourself: Why?
Which is tastier: fruity gum or minty gum?
Quick! The first professional sports player you can think of:
Be honest, have you ever bullied anybody? Who was it?
What colors look best with navy blue in your opinion?
What is the cutest Halloween costume for a baby to wear?
Is it a turn-off if somebody's teeth are stained yellow?
Which of your friends is the tallest? Which of them is the shortest?
Plaid, polka-dots, stripes, or stars: pick three.
Do you know any quotes from Forrest Gump?
Do you believe in demonic possession? How about ghosts? Angels?
When is the last time you ate so much you felt sick afterwards?
Would you rather judge a singing or dancing competition? Why?
Wet t-shirt contests; would you ever participate?
What appliance in your kitchen do you use the most often?
What cabinet or closet in your house do you rarely open?
What was the mascot at your elementary school?
What is the most expensive restaurant you've ever been to? Was it good?
Have you ever
Have you ever fallen down in public? Did anybody see you?
Do you scream when you go on rollercoasters? Do you close your eyes?
Do you think home-made cards are better than store bought ones?
Anything boys can do, girls can do better - agree or disagree?
What is one romantic movie that you enjoy enough to watch more than once?
Name three countries you want to visit: Why those three?