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Author: emoloveforever
Created: April 11, 2012
Taken: 169 times
Rated: G

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C is for C-O-O-K-I-E

Created by emoloveforever and taken 169 times on Bzoink
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Ok lets get started shall we.?
What annoys you most.?
Worst song ever.?
Least favorite thing to do.?
Who would you love to punch in the face right now.? Why.?
What the meaning of life to you.?
Do frogs have ears.?
Haha...sorry about the frog question. I want to see what you would say(:
For or against bullying.?
When you die what would you want to be written in your tombstone.?
What is your phones ring tone.?
What country would you hate to visit.?
Do you scream on rollercoasters.?
Worst enemy.?
Care to share why.?
Ready to get personal.?
Are you homo-phobic.?
Ifyour best friend died what would you do.?
What would be the first thing you would save in a fire.?
Am i annoying you.? Haha....moving on.
Are you homo-sexual.?
How about bi-sexual.?
Enough with personal questions. Back to random.
Worst movie ever.?
Best guy name.?
Worst car ever made.?
Best girl name.?
Worst guy name.?
Which is harder? Telling someone you love them OR that you dont love them.?
Worst color ever.?
Whats your wildest dream.?
If you could rename your self what would your new name be.?
Do you like Cookie Monster.?
Whats your happiest childhood memory.?
Cat or Dog person.?
If you were the opposite sex for one day what would you do.?
Worst animal alive.?
Do you like Mickey Mouse.?
Hahaha....im running out of things to ask.
Is there life after death.?
Have you ever thrown up in a car.?
What is the worst shoe brand.?
Do you have any regrets in life.?
Why does religion cause war.?
^^ tht was just random...agree.?
Would you take your life to save a friends.?
Whats your saddest memory.?
If you were president what would you do.?
Which is stronger: Love OR Anger.?
Is revenge right.?
If you were to die 2 days from now would you change who you are.?
Worst nightmare.?
Best decision you ever made.?
Worst phone ever made.?
Almost done. Will you survive.?
Whats the worst thing that ever happend to you.?
If you knew your best friends was gonna die in 2days, would you tell them.?
Why.? OR Why not.?
Whats the best thing that ever happend to you.?
Is this random or what.?
One word that is the total opposite of you:
Have you met some one and right away hated them.?
I cant think of any more questions to ask..... :(
Have you ever wanted to just kill someone.?
One thing you just cant live without.?
Have you ever made fun of anyone.?
If so, Why.?
Are you happy you did it.? OR do you regret it.?
Hang with me here. Few more.
Whats the worst pick up line.?
Can worms hear.?
Well i ran out of ideas.
Bye.! :D
You made it to the end(: Congrats