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Author: italianradio97
Created: April 16, 2012
Taken: 144 times
Rated: PG

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I'm the ruler and the killer, baby (Are we alike)

Created by italianradio97 and taken 144 times on Bzoink
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Answer with 'Yes' Or 'No' please :3
Do you love the song that I used for the title?
You sleep with the TV on.
You get sentimental whenever you see a beautiful sunset.
You're completely obsessed with The Hunger Games.
Your mother is obsessed with The Voice.
You love The Civil Wars, the band.
You love your best friend more than you love yourself.
You don't think it's necessary to wear makeup all the time.
You waste notebook paper all the time
You want to become a tattoo artist.
You adore Kat Von D.
Grey's Anatomy is one of your favorite TV shows.
You have a crush on Patrick Dempsey.
Josh Hutcherson is like a guy version of yourself.
You have two older brothers.
You don't have an iTouch but you want one desperately.
You're completely in love with your boyfriend but will never tell him.
You hate Ramen noodles.
You're seriously considering converting your religion.
You hate cake.
You have to go to school only twice a week.
Your computer just recently crashed.
You hate alcohol, but think beer tastes pretty good.
You have an anxiety disorder.
Your favorite song at the moment is "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder"
You've never had sex.
You're in a long-distance relationship.
You're contemplating dying your hair bright red.
You think Rue from The Hunger Games is adorable.
You own a bow and arrows.
Your favorite colors are red and orange.
You're convinced your house is haunted.
You don't believe in the '2012' conspiracy.
One of your family members has an eating disorder.
You actually don't get along with your family.
You haven't spoken to a cousin in 3 years out of resentment.
You have problems forgiving people.
You've been in an abusive relationship.
You've almost been raped.
You've been called a "whore," "slut," etc.
You've contemplated suicide on many occasions.
You've cried until your body ached recently.
You wish you looked like Kat Von D.
You own a pair of M&M-print pajama pants.