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Author: alyssaleexo
Created: April 18, 2012
Taken: 110 times
Rated: PG

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starships were meant to fllllllly ;)

Created by alyssaleexo and taken 110 times on Bzoink
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your name?
ever shop at consignment shops?
in the past week, how have you been feeling?
what will you be doing for 4/20? (which is friday btw :p)
do you believe alcohol is liquid courage?
are you religious at all?
if yes, what is your religion?
is your phone almost always in your hand?
tell me the top 3 things you love/like about the person you love/like
do you ever dirty dance in front of the mirror when you're alone? I do. xD
soo.. what do you do when you're home alone then?
your closet basically consists of?
did you go to prom or will you be going to prom this year?
what color was or is your dress?
if you could have any one thing right now, what would it be?
makeup is a drug isn't it?
favorite song, why?
do you know what ymcmb stands for?
do you have a tumblr? link?
do you ever find yourself lip syncing in front of the mirror?
soo.. about that tupac hologram at coachella, what'd you think?
don't you just love taken pictures? :)
how's my survey coming along?
starships were meant too........? :d
name of the person you like?
describe your first kiss ever to me
last thing you spent over $100 on?
do you subscribe to any magazines?
do you find yourself constantly tweeting?
ideal weather for you?
circuses, cruel or no?
sooo, how old are you?
did you ever wish you could sleep on a cloud as a kid?
are you currently dieting?
describe your diet to me
do you work?
what do you do?
describe your natural hair (curly, dark, straight, etc..)
have you ever gotten etc confused with ect?
anything you would really like to do, but realistically shouldn't?
favorite place to shop?
do you shower every single day? honestly? don't lie, I know you don't...
least favorite popsicle flavor.. (it's orange isn't it?)
where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?
do you believe in this 2012 nonsense?
what scares you most about growing up?
who's your idol?
don't you just love to cuddle?
let's all just be cuddle buddies :D?
does my happy, optimistic attitude annoy you? if yes, sorry :p
describe yourself in 4 words
are you a one directioner? :p who's your favorite member?
what are your plans for the rest of the day?
what are you wearing right now? (...;D)
do you have that one friend who switches boyfriends every other week?
isn't it annoying? but w.e they're happy right?
are you in a relationship? for how long?
if no, do you enjoy being single?
cliques, where do you fit in?
what are the top 3 biggest turn ons for you?
and top 3 biggest turn offs?
what's your sexual orientation?
gamer girl? ps3 or 360?
have you ever heard of the butthole surfers?
favorite ymcmb member? (young money cash money baby)
zodiac sign?
do you believe your zodiac sign fits you pretty well?
one thing you want to say to someone right now..
least favorite thing you have to do every single day?
favorite thing you did last summer?
any plans for this summer? care to share them with me? :)
who lives in your house with you?
anyone who has 2 or more siblings has a favorite, who's yours?
about how many times have you dropped your phone?
do you ever find yourself constantly eating in front of the computer or tv?
favorite moment of 2012 so far?
how many people have you dated in 2012
how many people have you slept with in 2012 go ahead, be honest.
how about ever? how many people? it's getting sexual.. sorry..
what's your favorite subject to talk about?
one thing you promised yourself you'd never do and then did?
one thing you don't ever plan on doing in your life
does anyone even have a home phone anymore?
when do you usually wake up in the morning?
do you wake up a lot during the night?
favorite flower?
dream date, describe it for me?
do you ever have a recurring dream?
how'd you sleep last night?
do you play the sims 3? don't you just love it :)?
alright, so, if that's not your favorite game, what is?
have you ever had a friends with benefits?
how'd that work out for you?
doesn't nicki minaj sound so much better singing than rapping?
if you could change one thing physically about yourself, what would it be?
what about personality wise? anything?
do you cuss like a sailor?
any tattoos or piercings?
an unpopular opinion you have?
type something random..
3 favorite smells?
5 things you can't live without..
how many languages do you speak, if 2 or more, what are they?
any languages you'd like to learn?
one special talent you have?
any pets?
any pets you want?
can you drive?
ever gotten into an accident with a car.. or maybe a curb?
ever heard of a tv remote being called a clicker?
how about a splinter being called a sliver?
a purse being called a pocketbook?
don't you just love being loud and obnoxious at times?
what about singing in the car, everything sounds better from the car radio.
at least 50% of your memory is filled with song lyrics, is it not?
do you think you've met the person you're going to marry already?
do you play any sports? if so, what? ..I guess soccer..
do you believe in psychic mediums? I do.
if so, why, and if not, why not?
do you have an allowance? how much? :p
any step parents? do you like them?
have you ever been grounded before?
what's your favorite song?
does it mean anything to you?
what's your favorite food? sorry if I asked this already..
do you like sushi? :p
ever worn a bra like 3 days in a row just cause your boobs looked good?
can you snap your fingers?
how about whistle?
anyone you used to consider your bestfriend that is no longer in your life?
do you believe it when people say they NEVER talk about anyone EVER?
do you have any problems trusting people?
do you think only tools listen to techno?
don't you just love that word? lol
are you a lady like girl or a belch in your face, dgaf kind? O.o..
are you often considered "one of the guys"?
have you ever been friend zoned?
ever friend zoned anyone else?
how much time a day do you spend on facebook?
do you believe anyone when they say they don't have a facebook?
I mean, doesn't almost everyone have a facebook?
one talent you wish you had?
are you a flirt? ;)
do you ever look at a random person and wonder what their life is like?
does commitment scare you? if so, why?
anything you need to say? go ahead, let it out.
paper or plastic?
how was that for a kick @$$ survey lol :p
should I continue making them? :D