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Author: emilydoll
Created: April 21, 2012
Taken: 178 times
Rated: G

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New Questions. Be Honest.

Created by emilydoll and taken 178 times on Bzoink
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What kind of computer are you on?
What is your social network of choice?
Do you use instagram? If so, link me to a picture of yours!
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
What is a job you wouldn't want to do?
Do you ever feel like a friends' fB update is about you?
While surfing the web, your beverage of choice :]
While surfing the web, your snack of choice :]
Oh very yum! Fav. t.v show that is airing this season?
You wish this show was still in season...
Do you have haters?
What do you think about fake nails?
Do you like light thunderstorms?
Do you like heavy thunderstorms?
Have you ever posted on fB that you were going to leave fB forever?
Coffee or tea?
What would you love to find yourself doing in the Summer?
In the Winter?
In the Spring?
In the Fall?
What do you think about people who hate on apple/mac?
What do you want to be for Halloween?
What is something that you CANNOT stand?
You meet a new aquaintance, they do WHAT to make you not want to be around?
Do you have a neopets account?
If so, what is your 1rst neopet?
A movie that you would not recommend to a friend?
What are you favorite apps? Name 2
Do you take care of your skin or neglect it?
Do you care what you look like when you get older?
3 of your favorite colors are?
And they remind of what?
You're most comfortable when you wear what?
I'm giving you money for shoes, where to you shoppe?
What is one of your favorite bath & body works scents? MMM
Is there something wrong with kitten heels?
Do you go to fail blogs?
Do you watch fail compilations?
Here's a fire, you are excited for BBQ or Marshmallows?
Do you like your marshmallows slightly burnt or just cooked?
Coffee or hot chocolate?
Fastfood or a non fastfood joint?
New York City or Los Angeles?
City, Country or In Between?
Firm Pillow or Soft Pillow?
Do you like listening to the radio?
Do you like fruits and veggies or meats more?
Name a word that starts with the first letter of your name
And now the first letter of your last name
And now the first letter of your middle
Do you cuss a lot?
Do you check your fB everyday?
Do you text for fun?
What do you think about weed?
Do you think its ok to watch porn?
A show that you turn off when you see it?
A show that you do not crave to see but watch if its on?
What do you think about breast implants really?
What do you do when annoyed?
Do you make youtube videos?
Have you made a picture with the peace sign?
How about a gangsta sign?
Name a band you would actually post on your wall?
Name a band that you wouldn't just because you wouldn't
Are you a candle lover?
Are you avoiding anyone right now?
Can you do the splits? Yes or No.
Do you eat ice?
Name a restaurant you will not go to.
Name a restaurant that you suggest!
Suggest a website.
Favorite ice cream?
You actually wouldn't mind doing homework that has to do with
You DO mind doing homework that has to do with...
You can't stand when someone just...
You love when someone...
A great birthday gift from an aquaintance would be...
A gift you would give to an aquaintance would be...
Pick a candle scent!
Pick a candle you would not want
Yay for candle questions?
If there was a strange addiction episode about eating poop would you watch?
Has your music taste changed over the years?
Do you call yourself fat?
Celeb you apologetically can't stand for some strange reason
Are you a hater, be honest.
Would you rather sit or stand?
Do you pop your bones?
Did you just pop your bones or are you about to?
That is bad for you I think. Are you at a desk or on a bed?
If you could change one thing about your physical appearance?
Choose one superpower you will have for the rest of your life.
What is something you would be able to do with this power of yours?
Best movie you watched so far this year, name 2 if possible
You would like to live with this celeb if you could haha
And you would never want to live with this celeb if you could no no no
Do you have frecklies?
Do you prefer carpet or hard floor in your room?
Do you have any wierd food combos?
Is sex a must in your life?