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Author: undeservedgrace
Created: May 23, 2012
Taken: 156 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike or are we different? =)

Created by undeservedgrace and taken 156 times on Bzoink
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Put yes or no for the following statements/"questions"
We both like Christian music.
We both are females.
We both love to go shopping.
We both are over 20 years old.
We both think Jessica Sanchez should/should have win American Idol.
We both love mangoes.
We both know someone who's a vegan, but aren't one themselves.
We are both planning to go on vacation in the next three months
We both go to church regularly.
Our parents are both married.
We both have a brother.
We both detest cold and windy weather.
We both like sunny and warm weather.
We both spend way too much time online.
We both are TERRIFIED of tarantulas.
We both have facebook.
We have a twitter, but don't use it often.
We both have had an appendectomy before.
We both like Care bears.
Our favorite Care Bear is Bedtime Bear.
We both detest bullying.STRONGLY!
We both have been teased or bullied before by classmates in school.
We are both out of school!
We both like to do "crafty" things.
We both enjoy eating fruits and veggies.
We both are single.
We both are allergic to cats, but not to dogs.
We both have a favorite aunt. :)
We both don't get to see our relatives very often.
We were both lego builders as children.
We both loved puzzles (jigsaw) as children.
We both love surveys.
We both love homemade chocolate chip cookies!
We both look younger than we are.
We love learning about our faith (religion) with friends.
We both detest when ppl think they're better than you.
We both value kindness, caring, and humility in people.
We both don't "get" dirty jokes.
We both love Herbal Essences shampoo.
We both love to help people.
We both have a blog.
We both hate infomercials.
We both are perfectionists.