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Author: shelbylovestyler
Created: May 27, 2012
Taken: 187 times
Rated: G

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Are We Alike? (:

Created by shelbylovestyler and taken 187 times on Bzoink
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Lets see if youre anything like me! (:
Youre 19.
Youre female.
Youre taken.
You have a tattoo.
You have 10 piercings.
You graduated highschool.
You didnt go to college.
You have a job.
You have a phobia of sharks, & you dont live near any oceans.
You have a younger sister.
Youre parents are still married.
You were born in October.
Youre not a virgin.
You love to drink.
You love horror movies.
Your favorite soda is Sundrop.
You have your license.
You drive a jeep.
Your hair is naturally brown.
Youve dyed your hair multiple times.
Your name starts with an S.
Youre in love.
Youre straight.
Youve tried pot.
You love taking pictures of yourself.
Youve crashed a car.
You eat at Mcdonalds, ALOT.
You love zebra printed things.
You get easily frustrated.
You love to laugh, but you dont really like the way your laugh sounds.
You graduated in 2011.
You were born in 1992.
You have green eyes.
You like playing pokemon.
You smoke Camel ciggarettes.
You LOVE cheese fries.
Your dads name is Bruce.
Youve had to have braces in the past.
You love wearing Vanz.
You wear alot of short shorts & tank tops.
You text way too much.
You find it hard to read a book all the way through.
You collect movie tickets.
You love going to concerts.
Youve been to a drive-in & liked it better than the movie theaters.
You think twitter is lame.
You like to go shopping.
Youre impatient.
You like 90s cartoons better than todays cartoons.
You have an innie, not an outie.
You enjoy taking long surveys.
You feel like youre always bored.
You dont like big crowds.
You hate it when people talk to much or ramble forever.
Youd rather just watch the movie, instead of reading the book.
Youre scared of being out in open water.
Stray or wild animals creep you out.
Youve failed a class in highshcool.
You hate running.
You love bright colors.
You like vegetables.
Ice cream always makes you thirsty.
You find it hard to make decisions, about anything.
You cant take criticism very well.
Youve kissed someone younger than you.
You love penguins because theyre cute.
You arent good at math.
You use shoe boxes for storing things.
You sleep with alot of pillows.
Youd rather text than call.
Youre athiest.
You dont believe in ghosts.
You dont like wearing dresses.
Youre best friend is a guy.
You rarely ever wear any makeup.
You dont like many people, but are easy to get along with.
Your favorite show is Impractial Jokers and/or Ridiculousness.
Your favorite color is purple.
You dont like bacon.
You think birds are gross.
You are a very moody person.
You have more enemies than friends.
You dont like repeating yourself.
Little things annoy you.
You think Robert Downey Jr. is sexy.
You like most genres of music, not just one specific kind.
You shop at Hottopic.
Music is your life.
You dont like night driving.