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Author: alyssaleexo
Created: June 13, 2012
Taken: 156 times
Rated: G

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how alike are we :3 true or false

Created by alyssaleexo and taken 156 times on Bzoink
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you're a female?
you're sixteen
you just finished sophomore year.
your boyfriend is hispanic?
you're an interracial couple?
you're extremely pale?
your hair is naturally blonde?
your hair is currently dyed darker?
you listen to music while taking surveys?
the first thing you do in the morning is check your phone?
you're homeschooled?
you've tried to learn to play acoustic guitar?
you love the sims?
drake is your favorite artist?
it annoys you when people on youtube change the pitch of songs?
you love doing your makeup?
you like being girly and outgoing?
you don't like eating around other people?
you have horrible social anxiety at times?
you're a hopeless romantic?
when you like things you often obsess with them?
you're an unusually fast typer & you're very good with computers?
you like to feel needed?
you're on birth control?
you have a blog on tumblr.com?
when you're upset you eat, sleep, and cry?
you love your big ass? lol
you're from connecticut?
you're from the u.s?
you want kids one day but you're afraid of labor?
you hate shaving your legs?
you hate painting your nails?
but you feel like you have to?
are you wearing fake nails right now?
did you go to prom this year?
do you stress easily and over think too much?
your favorite candy bar is a twix?
you like night time more than any other time of day?
you like law & order svu?
your all time favorite show is friends?
you don't know what you want to be when you grow up?
you always love more?
you've had less than 5 relationships?
you've been in love less than 3 times?
you believe in soul mates?
you believe in miracles?
you're a Christian?
you've gone to a Catholic school?
you've gone to a public school?
you have a dog?
you have a cat?
you spend most of your day on the computer?
staying in the house too often depresses you, you like going out?
you retweet alot of funny stuff on twitter?
your sense of humor is your best trait?
you try to be optimistic rather than pessimistic?
you like taking surveys and answering questions?
you're old enough to have a job but don't want one?
you just want the money huh? xD
you use alot of emoticons while talking on the internet or text
you're afraid of storms?
you have blue eyes?
you're under 5ft 5in?
you hate when people cancel plans?
you're scared of losing the ones you love?
you use proper grammer on the internet most of the time?
you usually are the life of the party?
you're afraid of your eyelashes falling out from too much mascara use?
you're a very jealous person?
you were born on a holiday?
your zodiac sign is a Capricorn?
your ego is a giant roller coaster, really high or really low?
do you have situational depression?
when you don't eat your stomach burns alot?
baiiii :D