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Author: rollingstarr
Created: June 20, 2012
Taken: 147 times
Rated: G

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True, I'm a walking disaster. They told you to stay away. (are we alike?)

Created by rollingstarr and taken 147 times on Bzoink
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You were born in July
Your hair is naturally blonde.
You don't trust anyone.
You love All Time Low
You would kill to meet anyone from Glee
Shows like Pretty Little Liars bore you to death.
You'd rather play video games than go to parties.
You are in high school.
Middle school was the worst thing ever.
You wish you were a kid again.
You think people need to stop talking about One Direction.
You love K-Pop music.
Legend of Korra is one of your favorite shows.
You've never smoked.
You're still a virgin.
You love fast food.
You like sports but you aren't on any teams.
You're an anime fan.
You are female.
Your crush knows you like him/her but you aren't going out.
Your first boyfriend's name starts with J.
You don't have a favorite teacher.
You don't get along with your parents.
Your favorite color is green, black or purple.
You're shorter than all your friends.
You go to private school.
You can be very sarcastic.
You can be awkward at times.
You have a dog.
You listen to music everyday.
You wish you were Asian.
You wish you lived in Japan.
Iron Man is your favorite superhero.
You love Robert Downey Jr.
You love Johnny Depp.
Your favorite movie is Remember the Titans.
Taylor Swift is not your inspiration.
^You don't understand why Taylor Swift is an inspiration.
You absolutely hate today's society.
Pokemon is one of your favorite video games.
You have two older brothers.
You have an older sister.
You hate a lot of people.
You swear.
^Your friends get annoyed when you swear.
You have a Facebook but you hardly ever get on.
Your favorite singer is Christina Grimmie
You want a cat
You wear TOMS all the time.
You live in slouchy tee shirts.
Your favorite food is chicken wings.
You share your bedroom with someone.
You live in a small town.
Your favorite flowers are cherry blossoms.
You love The Beatles.
Youre afraid of drowning.
You've never broken a bone.
You take your iPod everywhere.
You hardly ever check your phone.