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Author: rommy
Created: June 25, 2012
Taken: 97 times
Rated: G

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Are We Alike?

Created by rommy and taken 97 times on Bzoink
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Type true or false depending on the statement!
Your name is Selena
You are still in school
You are female
Your favourite subject is English
You are a cheerleader
Your favourite colour is purple
You make AMAZING chocolate brownies
You are obsessed with Harry Potter
You do gymnastics
Your best friend is the same gender as you
Your best friend's name begins with a G
You're intelligent
You have 3 sisters
You have no brothers
You are in love with One Direction
^and you were with them from the beginning (i.e X Factor days)
You are single
You have never been in love
Your dad left when you were young
You are the youngest of your siblings
You wanted to be an actor/actress when you were younger
You now aspire to be a journalist
You love The Hunger Games
You're slightly obsessed with twitter
You're not religious
You love Glee
You want 3 kids when you're older
You still want the dream wedding you had when you were 12
You have that one friend that's overly-obsessed with Justin Bieber
Your favourite band is Coldplay
You cannot stand Science
You had your first kiss when you were 14
You have a massive crush on Darren Criss
You went through a "Twilight phase"
You watched Spongebob Squarepants as a kid
You are a natural brunette
But you currently have dyed hair
You wish you had a different first name
You have more than one middle name
Your last name begins with "I"
You're terrified of spiders
You followed the TV show LOST
You've been on TV before
You've never been out of the country
You love red licorice, but hate black
You know the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune off by heart
You can sing
You can play the piano
u h8 whn ppl tlk lyk dis
You're a grammar freak
You'd give anything to look like Jennifer Lawrence
You still like Miley Cyrus, even though she's changed a lot
You like art, but you're rubbish at it
You tend not to swear
You've met a celebrity
You've been to over 5 concerts
You've been on a roller coaster
You like a wide variety of music
You read PerezHilton.com
You're best friend when moved to another country when you were younger
Your best was the opposite gender when you were younger
You hate avacados
You're allergic to seafood
You mostly wear black clothes
You've been to Chessington World of Adventures
You have 5+ posters on your wall
Your favourite smiley is :D
You have at least one broken key on your keyboard
You've never broken a bone before
Toy Story is your childhood in a nutshell
You hate it when people use hashtags anywhere but twitter
You generally go to Holiday Parks for your summer holidays
You love Rihanna
You follow another countries version of "Next Top Model"
You have a considerably small family
You have 2+ cats
^You named them after characters from a TV show
You couldn't live without your iPod
You use the name "Bob" when giving an example
You have inside jokes that only you and your best friend understands
You've known about The Wanted since 2010
Ed Sheeran inspires you
You've been in a physical fight
You cannot stand cinnamon
You'd love to visit Venice
^And you're jealous because a close friend is going there soon
You hate vanity, cockiness and over-confidence
You hate reality shows such as Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of (...)