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Author: mcdonaldsislove
Created: June 27, 2012
Taken: 86 times
Rated: G

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It's the circle of life and it moves us all. Through despair & hope, through faith & love. (L)

Created by mcdonaldsislove and taken 86 times on Bzoink
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What was the last thing you regret buying?
What is something you find attractive that probably many other people don't
Name a movie you really want to see.
What do you usually order on a pizza?
When did your power last go out?
Have you ever done volunteer work just because you wanted to?
When did you last watch your favourite movie?
What would you order if you went to McDonalds right now?
Are you obsessed with anything?
Do you have long nails?
What food do you eat the most?
What flavour of toothpaste do you use? (mint, cinnamon..)
How many posters do you have in your bedroom?
Do you think it would hurt to blow up? ahh
How many time have you washed your hands today?
Do you prefer male or female singers?
Do you buy birthday cards or make them?
What would be the best way to die?
Would you care if your child was gay?
Do you prefer to be barefoot or wear socks?
Have you ever stuck gum under a table?
What's something in your life that you once liked but now hate?
Is there a TV show that you watch everyday?
Do you eat your pizza crust?
What do you spend the majority of your money on?
What is the worst pain that you've experienced?
Who is your favorite Disney character?
Does your bedroom door lock?
Do you like the gender you are?
Women are more likely to ___ than men.
What is one thing you're completely terrible at?
Should you really stay in a relationship if you fight everyday?
What is one thing you will never understand?