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Author: danceamydance
Created: July 14, 2012
Taken: 161 times
Rated: PG

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are you like my friends?

Created by danceamydance and taken 161 times on Bzoink
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You're an only child.
You play bass.
People often call you a hipster.
You often don't wear shoes in public.
You're into trying new things.
You have a wide circle of friends.
You have a strange fashion sense.
You love Pink Floyd.
You can easily make people laugh.
You own a kombi van.
You're bisexual.
Your parents are hippies.
You take dance classes.
You are quite clueless.
You read a lot of books.
You wear whatever you feel like and don't care what other people think.
You love to go for long walks.
You hardly ever watch TV.
You're easy to get along with.
You find it hard to control yourself sometimes.
You're unsure of your sexual orientation.
You have short hair.
You have had the same job for over two years.
A lot of your friends live out of state.
You can sing well.
You're very mature for your age.
You're taller than most of your friends.
You don't wear much makeup.
You are often complimented on what you wear.
You have small feet.
You smoke socially.
You party every weekend.
You don't know how to drive a car.
You're popular.
You have a big family.
Your family means the world to you.
You have an expensive phone.
You wish you were born in a different decade.
You're going to be an aunt (or uncle) soon.
You love cats.
You have facial piercings.
You have a tattoo (or several).
You live with your boyfriend (or girlfriend).
You smoke.
You wear Converse.
You've had a lot of boyfriends (or girlfriends) in your lifetime.
You hate your job.
You're abnormally short.
You listen to metal and hardcore.
You dye your hair regularly.
You smoke but you're trying to quit.
You smoke weed.
You eat fast food more often than homecooked meals.
You don't really get along with your family.
You have freckles.
You walk everywhere, rather than driving.
You watch cartoons.
You come across as rude to a lot of people.
You have trouble talking about your feelings.
You stay with your friends more often than you sleep at home.
You have blonde hair.
You drive a BMW.
You surf.
You've recently started dating someone.
But you've also recently ended a long-term relationship.
You work at a supermarket.
The house you live in was built in the last couple of years.
You have a pool in your backyard.
You sometimes feel embarrassed by your family.
Your parents have a lot of money.
You're very popular.
You have really long hair.
You're a lot shorter than most of your friends.
You love your mother more than anybody else in the world.
You don't put much effort into school.
You wear a lot of makeup.
You have more female friends than male friends.
You love to party.
You never want to grow up.
You're scared about the future.
You live on your own.
You're into sports.
You play sport every weekend.
You wear a necklace most of the time.
You're smart.
You live very close to the beach, as in seeing it from your house.
You've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend.
You're pessimistic.
You easily make people laugh.
You tell great stories.
You have red hair.
You have big goals and aspirations.
You live in a really big house.
You've had a "fuck buddy".
You own a Mac computer.
You spend a lot of time doing homework.
You have a pet kitten.
You have a good relationship with your brother (or sister).
You host a lot of parties.
You go to the gym regularly and/or are on a strict diet.