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Author: -nevershoutconnor-
Created: August 1, 2012
Taken: 84 times
Rated: PG

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Are You Stuck Inside a World You Hate?

Created by -nevershoutconnor- and taken 84 times on Bzoink
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what's your name?
do you like Doctor Who?
i'm high right now so don't mind me..
what's your favorite band?
have you ever tried to commit suicide?
are you shy?
my stomach hurts :/
do you have any pity on me?
do you approve of gay marriage?
if you have a pet, have they ever chewed on your phone charger?
are you ignoring anyone?
do you have a tumblr? if so, what's your link?
are you into politics?
do you get drunk just for the hell of it?
you're beautiful.
do you believe that you are?
what's the reason you last cried?
do you think the world is ending soon?
are you scared?
ever been to a moshpit?
if so, did you get your ass beat?
do you like to debate?
do you like the band system of a down?
is the fact that i'm not capitalizing anything bothering you?
how do you feel about hitler?
are you german?
germans are hot motherfuckers.
what's on your mind right now?
are you a virgin?
last book you read? would you recommend it?
any siblings?
have you seen the new batman movie?
it was amazing, you should.
who did you last text?
what does it say?
do you like to play videogames?
sorry.. i'm not exactly here right now.
how old are you?
still in highschool?
are you self-conscious?
do you smoke cigarettes?
celebrity crush?
do you believe in soul mates?
name all the ways you can say bye :)