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Author: simplyme720
Created: August 10, 2012
Taken: 46 times
Rated: G

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Me Ages Ago (What Were You Like At A Certain Age?)

Created by simplyme720 and taken 46 times on Bzoink
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Me Ages Ago
Choose any age you once were; answer the questions about you at THAT age
Age of choice:
The People I Knew
Who was your crush (or significant other) back then?
Was anyone crushing on you? If so, who?
Who was your best friend at the time?
Any enemies/people you didn't like?
Which family member were you closest to?
Which family member were you the least close to?
If you were in school, name a teacher you had:
What was your attitude toward people in general?
The Places I Went:
Whose house were you at the most?
Where was your favorite place to go to have fun?
Did you go on any vacations at that age? If so, where?
Where was your favorite place to shop?
Favorite place to eat out at the time?
Did you go to any concerts? If so, who did you go to see?
Did you prefer being indoors or outdoors?
What state/province did you live in at the time?
The Things I Did
What did you and your friends usually do when you hung out?
What did you usually do in your free time?
Was there anything extra memorable you did at this age?
Did you kiss anyone? If so, who?
Did you ever get in trouble for anything? Like what?
What kind of music did you usually listen to?
Did you buy anything that you still have to this day? What was it?
Did you ever get teased for anything?
What was something you got upset over, if any?
What was something you got really excited over, if any?
The Things I Liked... & Didn't Like
A band/singer you liked?
A band/singer you didn't like?
A song you liked?
A song you didn't like?
A subject in school you liked?
A subject in school you didn't like?
A food you liked?
A food you didn't like?
Something you liked to do?
Something you just didn't like to do?
A TV show you liked?
A TV show you didn't like?
A person you liked (as a friend)?
A person you didn't exactly like?
The Things I Owned
Did you own any electronic devices? If so, what?
What about toys?
Overall, what did you have in your room?
Were any posters plastered on your wall? Of who/what?
Do you remember what kind of backpack you had for school, if any?
Did you own a diary/journal?
Can you name one thing you got for your birthday at that age?
Did you own a bike/car? Or anything for transportation besides walking?
What kind of clothes did you usually wear?
The Things That Were IN
What band/singer was very popular, if you can remember?
What was one song that was played on the radio a lot?
What was something most people your age owned (or HAD to have)?
Was Facebook popular yet?
What book series was the most popular?
What TV series was the most popular?
What movie did a ton of people go to see?
What kind of clothes were most people wearing?
Did you tend to like what was popular, or not really?
What I Think Now
Overall, what was it like to be this age?
Looking back, do you miss being this age?
Do you prefer being the age you are now?
Now to make you feel old: What year was it when you were this age?
Would you relive this age all over again?