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Author: markhoppus
Created: August 29, 2012
Taken: 102 times
Rated: G

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Let the music play.

Created by markhoppus and taken 102 times on Bzoink
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Basics about your music.
What music style are you most into?
So.. then you're top 3 favourite bands are?
What got you into that kind of music scene?
Is it just a "phase" or do you think you'll always listen to that music?
Have you ever been obsessed/crazy about a band?
Favourite album at the moment?
Favourite album of all times?
Would you rather be extremely poor or never ever listen to music again?
You got any posters on your walls? If so, on who?
You got any merch from bands? IF so, from who?
Your opinion on:
Hip Hop
How many concerts have you attended?
What was your first concert and who was it?
What's the best concert you've been too?
Favourite memory from a concert?
Ever been in a moshpit?
Ever been brought up on stage?
Have you ever waited outside the venue afterwards to meet a band?
Ever stood in line from early morning to get barrier?
Are going to concerts one of your biggest interests?
Put your music device on shuffle and name the songs that comes on:
Now, answer questions about number 1.
Do you feel anything special when you listen to this song?
Is it one of youre favourite bands?
What's the song about?
Number 2.
Do you know every word in this one?
Have you ever seen the band live?
What kind of music style is it?
Number 3.
What year was it released?
Is this song something you would hear on the radio?
Does it have a music video?
Number 3.
Where's the band from?
When did you first hear this song?
Is it sad or happy?
Number 4.
Would you listen to this song in public?
Ever heard the song live?
Would your mum like this one?
Number 5.
Can you dance to this song?
What year did the band form?
Do any special memory come up when you hear the song?