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Author: caitlinen
Created: September 13, 2012
Taken: 65 times
Rated: PG

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This - that - this and uhhh.

Created by caitlinen and taken 65 times on Bzoink
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Fifa or Madden?
Lemonade or Ice Tea?
Seafood or Italian?
Sleep or shower?
Music or tv?
Beer or liquor?
Pullover or zip up?
Apple or Android?
Coffee or Tea?
Candles or incense?
Verizon or AT&T?
The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
Pink or Orange?
Green or White?
Yellow or Blue?
Socks or bare feet?
Reading or writing?
Pasta or salad?
Sleep or stay up?
Blanket or sheet?
Cookies or chips?
Corn or carrots?
Green beans or celery?
Okra or artichokes?
Antz or A Bug's Life?
Titanic or The Notebook?
Boots or sneakers?
Sing or dance?
Tattoo or piercing?
Penis or vagina?