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Author: annadaniarndt
Created: November 26, 2012
Taken: 102 times
Rated: PG

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This the smile that I've never shown before.... Somebody shake me 'cause I, I must be sleeping.

Created by annadaniarndt and taken 102 times on Bzoink
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Are we alike? Answer true/false, yes/no; whatever floats your boat.
You're female.
You're in highschool.
You know what song the title of this survey came from.
You love Sharpies.
Your favorite color is yellow.
You've got a boyfriend.
You lost your virginity this year.
You've changed a LOT this year.
You listen to pretty much every kind of music out there.
You're insecure.
You hardly eat.
You're doing well in school.
You've had a job before.
You don't have one now.
You have at least one piercing other than your ears.
You have green or hazel eyes.
You love hoodies.
You almost never wear matching socks.
Soup is awesome.
You'd rather be without your phone than your iPod.
You have at least one piece of jewelry that you wear twenty-four/seven.
You aren't easily offended.
You like to laugh.
You're good with foreign languages.
You're in love.
You're pansexual/bisexual.
You're a Harry Potter freak.
You don't get to read as much as you'd like to.
You love to journal.
You've attempted suicide.
You've had the same best friend for most of your life.
You have five siblings.
You love someone with autism.
It's hard to make you angry.
You have your own laptop.
You like doing artsy stuff.
You don't watch a lot of TV.
You have to share a bedroom.
You're harder on yourself than you should be.
You live with someone who you don't get along with at ALL.
You love Adam Sandler.
You've never been outside of your home country.
You cry a LOT watching movies.
You like cartoons.
You love Halloween.
You love Christmas just as much.
The sky is probably your favorite thing in the world to look at.
You like to take walks at night.
You look a little more like your dad than your mom.
Your dad understands you better than anyone else.
Having kids in the future is more important to you than getting married.
You love accents.
You hate politics.
You believe in a higher power but aren't religious.
You appreciate life.
You're working on being happier.