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Author: brittbittz
Created: December 28, 2012
Taken: 277 times
Rated: PG

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Long Hot Summer (music shuffle survey)

Created by brittbittz and taken 277 times on Bzoink
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Use the title of the song unless directed else wise.
What are you excited for?
What did your mom think when she found out she was pregnant?
What did your dad think when he found out about you?
What song was played when your mom was giving birth to you?
How did she feel when she held you for the first time?
How did she feel bringing you home from the hospital?
What were your first words?
What were you thinking when you took your first steps?
How was your mom feeling sending you off to preschool?
How did you act at preschool?
What did your preschool teachers think of you?
What were your moms thoughts when you went off to middle school?
How did you feel going to middle school?
Your first bf/gf was like:
your first kiss was like:
When you went to high school you felt:
During your first date you:
The first time you had sex this song played:
Your first true love was like:
And your first true heartbreak felt like:
What did you do for a first job?
You opened your college acceptance letter and thought:
You walk into college, its so big, you dunno where to go, you think:
When you meet your soulmate:
When you get engaged you think:
And your partner thinks:
As the bride (you, or your woman) comes down the aisle you think:
Your first dance you dance to:
When you find out your having a baby you think:
And your partner thinks:
You have the baby and you name him/her: (singers name)
When you have grandkids you think:
Your partner dies first, what do you think when burrying them:
You die soon after and this song plays at your funeral:
Now just for some random questions!
You idolize: (band/singer)
What is in the sky? (first line of lyrics)
Make a Wish: (first line of lyrics)
What's your biggest regret? (title)
What are you doing: (first line of lyrics)
What do you look foor in a mate? (first line)
Whats your religion? (title)
You said this to your mate: (first line)
Why don't you miss your ex? (title)