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Author: kellyburnsred
Created: January 8, 2013
Taken: 95 times
Rated: G

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stay with me we can outlast the night.

Created by kellyburnsred and taken 95 times on Bzoink
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Last movie you've seen in theaters?
Who was the last person you played a video game with?
Last game you played at an arcade
Last funeral you attended?
Where is your favorite place to hide away from reality?
What was your favorite nursery rhyme as a child?
What was your dream job as a child?
Who was your childhood hero?
What is your favorite cousin's first name?
What was the name of your first stuffed animal?
What stuffed animal was it?
What was the last name of your third grade teacher?
What was your least favorite food as a child?
Where did your mother and father meet for the first time?
What is your oldest sibling's middle name?
Were you naughty or nice last year? Be Honest!
What was your favorite place to visit as a child?
Favorite Christmas tune?
How many floors are in your house?
Do you have a rec room in your house?
Have you ever stayed in a cheap motel?
What about a 5 star hotel?
When was the last time you got pampered?
Have you ever gotten a massage?
Have you ever given a massage?
Have you ever been to Disneyland or DisneyWorld?
Would you ever go backpacking across any country?
Have you ever gone backpacking across any country?
Do you hate tourists?
Would you prefer to travel around the world by yourself or with a friend?
How graceful are you?
You call in sick from work for one day, you have the whole day free
What do you end up doing? Remember you can do anything!
Last time you got your haircut and new clothes?
When was the last time you had a house party?
When is your birthday?
Describe what you hope your life is like after 50.
Are you sophisticated?
True Or False
You live your own life with your own values?
When you're with someone, you prefer to spend time with them alone?
You're peaceful and tolerant - except when it comes to people who disagree?
You hate routines?
Your ideal date is creative and off the wall?
You're somewhat of an insane genius?
You're absentminded and disorganized?
You tend to be secretive in relationships?
You're cool and self confident?
You have been know to adopt weird sleeping and eating habits sometimes?
You have a ton of fun with whatever you do - even if it's work?
You're driven to change the world?
You can sell anyone anything?
xoxo <3