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Author: dreamer18
Created: January 12, 2013
Taken: 124 times
Rated: G

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You remind me of all the best things in life

Created by dreamer18 and taken 124 times on Bzoink
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Are you in looooove?
What's your reason to smile?
What letter does your crush's name begin with?
Tell me a random fact about yourself.
What would you say is your favorite genre of music?
How many lights are on right now?
What's your favorite number? Why?
You can only listen to 1 album for the rest of your life what do you pick?
What kind of accent do you have?
Can you speak any languages other than English?
Are you part of any fandoms?
Do you have any friends that give you a headache?
What's 1 thing you wish you could change about yourself?
Do you have a favorite quote? What is it?
Do you care about celebrity gossip at all?
Did the last person you hugged smell nice?
Do you watch football? Fave team?
If you had a daughter today what would you name her?
Do you have a ringtone? Or is your phone usually on vibrate or silent?
What's something that it seems like everyone likes except for you?
Could you survive as a vegetarian?
Has anyone ever asked you for your autograph?
Do you get more sad when animals or people die in movies?
Do you read? What's your favorite book?
Have you met anyone famous?
What words do you think are way overused?
How's your phone battery right now?
Can you sing?
You have the chance to see the future how far ahead would you want to see?
Do you like your butt?
If you became famous, what would your fandom be called?
What meal would you want to eat as your last meal?
How's the weather right now?
Do you have a laptop?
Fave color? Why?
How would you react if you found out your crush was dating your best friend
Do you use the turn 'BFF' still?
Favorite social networking site?
I hope you have an amazing day :-)