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Author: whisperingoceans
Created: March 28, 2013
Taken: 145 times
Rated: PG

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looking in the mirror like i can't believe what i've become.

Created by whisperingoceans and taken 145 times on Bzoink
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hi hey hello it's nice to meet you~
what's your first name? mine is clarice.
do you like your name?
do you have piercings in places other than your ears?
honestly, do you enjoy all the standard 'name, age, etc" questions?
what month were you born in?
what kind of phone do you use?
don't you just love the different shaped erasers? i know i do.
what brand of head/earphones do you use?
are your nails long enough to paint?
do you have any weird or annoying habits?
have you ever hurt someone intentionally, physically or otherwise?
do you argue with your family a lot?
do you get awkward answering extremely personal questions in surveys?
where in the world are you from?
did you ever have a yahoo answers account?
did you ever use a now dead social networking site, like bebo or myspace?
i was such an embarrassment on bebo.
honestly, did u evr ryt lyk dis xoxoxo (L) <3?
have you ever bought/used an amazon.com gift card?
have you ever smashed your phone screen?
did you ever have bad acne?
so, how old are you?
did you ever go through an emo or scene phase?
don't you just hate tumblr hipsters?
do you drink tea or coffee?
what kind of books do you enjoy reading?
what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?
what are your thoughts on nicki minaj?
i watched her 'stupid hoe' video the other day and i could feel myself
becoming more stupid. 0/10 would not recommend
do you ever just stare vacantly around the room for no apparent reason?
are you a computery, nerdy person?
do you play video games?
what do you think of 'facebook famous' people?
have you ever used the website ask.fm?
what's your most used curse word?
do you smoke cigarettes?
have you ever taken anything harder than weed?
do you hate it when people blame all their problems on society?
do you spell 'favourite' with a u or without?
do you tan in the summer, or do you freckle and burn?
what's your favourite season?
were you ever the only one in your class not invited to someone's party?
if you said 'no', then you're either really popular or you're lying.
did you have a tough time growing up, or was it pretty easy?
are you the oldest, the middle, or the youngest child?
do you have any step/half siblings?
so, what's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?
do you want to go to college or university?
have you ever visited australia?
what do you think of religious extremists, such as westboro baptist church?
are you easily offended?
have you ever written poetry?
did you go through a rebellious phase?
what are you afraid of?
did you ever cry at the movie, 'the fox and the hound'?
do people ever make fun of your name?
hasn't pop/rap music these days turned to shit?
do you enjoy shopping?
do you like food?
have you known someone with a mental illness?
do you feel empathy?
do you tend to keep your feelings guarded?
do you bite your lip or the inside of your cheek when you get nervous?
what's your favourite movie?
do you have a protective case over your phone or iPod?
did you once obsess over something that you can't stand now?
what do you think of 'anon hate' on tumblr?
what about 'pro-eating disorder' websites?
what do you think about twelve-year-olds who go out drinking?
when you were younger, did your parents ever monitor what you did online?
are you cold right now?
have you ever played chicken on a motorway?
have you ever played a game like bloody mary or candyman at a sleepover?
do you have a sister?
what timezone are you in?
do you believe in aliens?
what do you think about lana del rey?
did you actually enjoy my survey?