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Author: kellyburnsred
Created: April 12, 2013
Taken: 86 times
Rated: PG

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every smile makes you a day younger.

Created by kellyburnsred and taken 86 times on Bzoink
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What's the name of the closet mall to you?
Do you know anyone who's vegetarian?
Have you ever ate organic foods? If so, what?
Is there an organic store close to you?
Have you ever been to a thrift shop?
Do you currently know anyone that's pregnant?
Do you work out at all?
What one word describes your hair today?
Have you ever owned a quilt?
Do you know anyone named Jane?
Favorite breakfast food?
Do you want to see any movies coming out? If so, which one?
Is it raining where you are?
Do you own a lot of tanktops?
Have you ever had a babysitting job?
Any plans for this summer?
Have you ever been to Warped Tour?
Have you ever been to Orlando, Florida?
Whenever you go to Subway what do you normally order?
What fascinates you most?
Do you feel like you were born to live in these times?
You are most likely to daydream about:
How would you describe your style?
When it comes to technology, you:
What self would you most like to meet?
Your ideal time travel partner is: