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Author: chasingghosts
Created: April 18, 2013
Taken: 111 times
Rated: G

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Are you similar to my friends?

Created by chasingghosts and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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I was inspired to make this when I saw a similar survey on here.
Answer true or false, or simply mark an 'x' for what applies to you.
Enjoy ♥
You love anything Disney related.
You find any excuse to go shopping.
You’re younger than most of your friends.
You have really long hair, to your waist or longer.
You’re pretty antisocial.
You have a pet dog/cat that sleeps in your bed with you.
You haven’t had your first kiss yet.
You’re Asian.
You’re good at cooking.
You have dreams of working as a chef.
You’re blonde, but not naturally.
You always have your fingernails painted.
You obsess over things easily, to the point of them taking over your life.
You spend a lot of time on the internet.
Your phone may as well be surgically attached to your hand.
You use snapchat way too much.
You eat a lot of fast food.
You love a bit of gossip.
You’re really good at keeping secrets.
You’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You work as a receptionist.
You eat a lot of food yet you’re still so thin.
Your siblings are your best friends.
Not many people see your face without makeup.
You spend your money carelessly.
You dream of living overseas one day.
You have a penpal.
You’re older than most of your friends.
Most of your friends live out of town.
You swear like a sailor.
You have so many nicknames that it’s hard for you to keep track.
You have large feet.
Most of your friends are of the opposite sex.
Romantic relationships make you shy and nervous.
You watch reality shows religiously.
Pop music is your favourite.
Family is very important to you.
You’re the youngest child in your family.
You call your mother by her first name.
You dream of living in a big city one day.
You’re determined and motivated in all aspects of your life.
You’re much taller than the majority of your friends.
You go to the gym at least three days a week.
You care a lot about your appearance.
You’re a social butterfly.
You party almost every weekend.
You’re very straightforward and never repeat yourself.
You love to write and have been told you’re talented.
You consider yourself intelligent.
You’re a bit of a player.
You’re in a band.
You’re straight-edge.
You can play two or more instruments.
You’re an uncle/aunt.
You love Doctor Who.
You’re short for your age and most of your friends tower over you.
You’ve been cheated on before.
You have a big family.
You have a nap every single day, without fail.
You’re mostly quiet, but you can be loud when the situation calls for it.
You’re really good with computers.
You’re shy.
You underestimate yourself often.
You recently moved house.
You have a German Shepherd.
You wear baggy clothes.
You almost always wear a beanie.
You have long hair if you’re a boy, and short hair if you’re a girl.
You recently got out of a really long relationship.
You’re in a band.
You’re a really good drawer.
You can’t help but doodle on anything you see.
You want a career in art.
You’re basically a personal taxi service for your friends who can’t dri
Jeans and band shirts are your favourite thing to wear.
You’re always wearing a necklace and lots of wristbands/bracelets.
You have a lot of piercings on your ears.
Your hair is currently an unnatural colour.
Not many people see your loud and boisterous side.
You have several friend groups which you move between often.
You always seem to have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You have a fear of being single.
When you’re not in a relationship, you’re a big flirter.
You are really sensitive and sympathetic towards your friends.
Music means a lot to you.
You often overdo it when you drink alcohol.
You have no shame and love to be silly and have fun.
You’re impulsive and this isn’t always a good thing.
You have facial hair.
You have a baby brother/sister.
You’re madly in love with your significant other.
You want to get married when you’re young.
You’re quite petite.
You dye your hair regularly.
It’s almost impossible for you to feel the cold.
You’re really good at flattering other people.
You’re very self-conscious.
You find it difficult to make new friends.
People often stereotype you as emo.
You’ve come a long way in the past couple of years.
The end.
Who were you most like?