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Author: alexjw
Created: May 5, 2013
Taken: 100 times
Rated: G

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Which friend of mine are you most like?

Created by alexjw and taken 100 times on Bzoink
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You've battled with depression, an eating disorder, and self image issues.
You are now a happier person, with more positive outlooks on life.
You are shorter than 5'5".
You have an older boyfriend.
You are of mixed race.
You have a brother and a sister.
You have a perverted mind.
You are not a virgin.
You have cut.
You don't like soccer.
You eat a lot.
You are mostly a quiet person.
You don't like most people at your school.
You are from California.
You have a waist size of 26.
You have dyed your hair brown.
You have dropped out of a class.
You have only a few close friends, not a large circle of acquaintances.
You prefer to not participate during classes.
You are good at writing.
You want to major in the science field in college.
You rarely go on Facebook.
You scroll through Tumblr a lot but don't have one.
You have a cartilage piercing on one ear.
You have over seven piercings on your ears alone.
You have big feet.
You are hardworking and have a GPA over 4.0.
You have many friends, and don't mind ditching them at times.
You play the flute.
You wear a lot of nail polish.
You tend to wear things that are colorful.
You have cut off most of your hair before.
You are best at a language other than English.
You have never dyed your hair.
You have had braces, but taken them off.
You have a ridiculous laugh that gets people laughing.
You don't care much about fashion/clothing choices.
You are naturally good at science and math.
You have a unusual liking of cartoons like My Little Pony.
You can be embarrassingly loud in public.
You haven't changed in terms of looks since elementary school.